Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Twitter How To

I've been thinking about this recently. How to use twitter effectively and gain new followers. I have 5000 followers, so maybe I'm qualified to help you out. Maybe not. I mean if I was Pink or someone famous I'd def have far more. But I think I'm doing alright. What I have learned over my years of following, unfollowing, retweeting and so forth is to post a variety of topics. Politics, veganism, etsy listings, photos of the here & now, and more polished photos. I do put some of my instagram pics through there & some from picmonkey, I talk to folks there. I put up quotes. I post random thoughts. I post my blog postings. I follow folks who follow me. I think following everyone back is a large key for effective use of twitter. I use crowdfire to unfollow folks who unfollow me. I find folks who are like minded and follow them. When posting I make sure the link has a pic to go with it or the attached site, if it doesn't work, I take it down. I check my links once posted to make sure they work, if not down it comes. Basically I'm there for twitter. I make sure to take it seriously and follow through. If you want to use autoposting from facebook or elsewhere make sure it's working. Sometimes I see posts there & they have no words to explain what the post is about or no picture attached. Nothing to make them interesting to get me to click through, so I don't.

Above Mt Monadnock on the Dublin NH side.

Above Mount Wachusett from Tower Hill Botanical Garden.

Above Mt. Monadnock while I was standing, shooting it from Mount Wachusetts. Brrrrrr it's cold up here!

The trick I think is to put out there some interestingness. A reason for folks to click through & follow the link. Like a photo attached, just words can be very boring. Folks don't see any reason to read or click through without a interesting link or photo that they can click through & see larger. Above all it should be fun. Ranty, mad, angry---go get a diary. Keep it light & fun & *interesting*! Thanks for reading. Questions? Pop them in the comments. More tips? I'd love to hear them too! --Heather :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Spooky Camera Happenings!

OK so you know Halloween is a fav time of year for me. I like ghosts. I like haunted type TV shows on Netflix. Sometimes I see spooky things in my photography. Like the following photo for example. It's of my son fooling around in the leaves in front of Bancroft Tower in Worcester, MA.

Creepy? Do you see it? The weird face on the tree's bark? The face in of itself isn't all that creepy, except that I saw nothing out of the ordinary when shooting that pic. Didn't see the face or OK let's call them spots on the tree at all. Five seconds before this pic, I snapped several others one of my daughter in fact. The tree looks totally different in this instance. Check it out below.

Spooky! --Heather :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Booking Children's Fall Photography Now!

I'm available for bookings for your children's photo shoots. Contact: for more information. I'm primarily a central Massachusetts photographer, but I will go anywhere folks wish me to, for photography shoots.

Thanks for looking, Heather :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Some of my images from Tower Hill Botanic Garden in West Boyston, MA. We got a membership here, so I can take photos of people for many occasions there.

The Glass Conservatory is a wonderful place both in the hot summers and in the cold winters. I love it here. When winter depression hits, this is an amazing place to take the edge off.

Cupid in the Garden being cheeky. ;)

Mount Wachusetts in the backround. You can see it perfectly from a lookout on the hiking trail here.

A snapshot on the way out in the driveway of some weeds at sunset.

An Urn filled with purple flowers in the courtyard.

Tower Hill is a wonderful place for a photo session in any season. I know many other wonderful places too. Parks, State Parks, Abandoned Gardens, Old Crumbling Buildings. It all depends on the mood you're looking for.

A lovely Meyer Lemon tree full of fruit! These are the trees that inspired me to collect citrus trees. Below a tree of Bromieliads.

We've also been makng use of the place for our hiking & picnic excursions. It's an excellent place for this too. Since we home educate all our children it's been a great place for family fun & enjoyment. The children have had many learning opportunities here too.

Thanks for looking, <3 Heather :)

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