Thursday, December 11, 2008

3 Am Art Productions on Etsy dot com

This is my puffy white clouds photo. I took this this past summer, at the beach. I have it for sale at This is my etsy shop where I sell photography online. I'm in love in with etsy. The ease of selling & shopping is combined. Best of all all the items are handmade or vintage. If you can't find something on etsy I would be shocked. It's so jam packed with sellers and buyers, it's amazing! There is literally tons of stuff. So far in my purchasing side, I have yet to find a person with negative feedback. All these people seem to be wonderful and helpful and they CARE. I'm in several (three) etsy street teams. These are all folks with a common goal or idea who support one another by getting the word out about the team & the members. EFA Etsy for animals is the first team I joined. Vegan etsy team was next. Then Etsyveg..I help all three teams in various ways.

To search on etsy for these teams items: EFA = 'Efateam'
Etsy Veg = 'Etsyveg team'
Vegan etsy = 'Veganetsy team'

Need help? Just convo me, I will be happy to help. I'm at

See you there, Heather 'aktie9' :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Etsy Veg

I am a part of this wonderful group on Annada of designed this card to advertise the group to new sellers & other folks interested in Vegan & Vegetarian handmade items. is the link to our blog. The blog is chock full of links and more group members.

---Heather :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Union Station Celing in Worcester, Massachusetts

lellow, originally uploaded by Aktie9.

Stained glass ceiling.. in a city that has a ton of snow every winter.... interesting idea. Altho these are on a downward slope.. would just make me nervous in a house. Glad to know it's not my problem. ;)

Gorgeous building of marble and stone, that has totally been revamped. I'm planning on going again, taking some more in depth shots. This was back when I first got my camera and was still learning how to use it.

---Heather aktie9 ;)

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