Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hope Everyone Out There Has a .......

♥♥[̲̅̅H̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][̲̅̅P̲̅][̲̅̅P̲̅][̲̅̅Y̲̅] [̲̅̅N̲̅][̲̅̅E̲̅][̲̅̅W̲̅] [̲̅̅Y̲̅][̲̅̅E̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][R]♥♥ my friends.

Much love, Heather :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Welcome To My New Blog Readers

Hearts blurred

Just put the code: 'blog readers' into notes to seller, in my etsy shop, if you'd like to take advantage of 20% off of my artwork & photography art prints!

Enjoy & a Big Hearty Welcome!

XOXO Heather :)

P.S: Folks looking for my car blog it is here.
Folks looking for my facebook fan page it's here.

Look What Santa Got Me!

Minnie looking for presents..


Eyes bigger than your stomache?

Teee heeeeee the last pic is HEEEEELARIOUS!

--Heather :)

Coffee Table Book Giveaway {Update}

Hey to all my friends,
Just wanted to let you know.. the Month of Decembre, December.. got away from me. I had no time or inspiration to sift through my photos to choose ones for the book. The people already entered are still entered. I will update folks as I get things in order. Sorry for the delay.

So far, I think I'm going to do a lot geared for the four seasons, nature, and want to get some more snow photos. I also want either a quote from someone who I like in the past, present.. etc. to go with each photo. I'm working on the ideas now. I do want the photos to take up the entire page so you can really enjoy each of them. So the idea of a quote or ecological idea.. might hit the cutting room floor. We shall see.

XOXO Heather :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

BUNDT CAKE a slice of heaven.

This Saturday morning, I whipped up a new recipe. Hot off the grill, so to speak. I decided to make a Bundt cake for the arrival of my Mother & Step-father & our Santa Celebration. We've a large extended family & celebrations often get dragged out. IE: My Birthday ends up sometimes being a Month long affair. (Unless I invite everyone to one party.) Which, I don't mind, not in the least. Much more CAKE the more we party way. ;)

So, I looked around in the fridge & cupboard. I found: Rice flour,vegan butter, cinnamon, baking soda, tofutti 'better than cream cheese', *and it is WAY better.* vanilla rice milk, organic whole cane sugar, and lastly fresh squeezed lemon & orange juice.

I took about 2.5 cups of the rice flour added the cinnamon & the b. soda and mixed it. I'm Vegan & Celiac so anything, I might be eating around the house, has to be #GlutenFree too. The entire container of the tofutti cream cheese & quickly microwaved it for 7 seconds just to warm it up, 1/2 stick of melted margarine, and mixed it in a bowl. I added in the rice milk, and then I squeezed a whole orange & a whole lemon into my juicer & then poured it into the mix of ingredients. I used my hand mixer to make sure the tofutti was fully mixed in. The batter ends up being reallllllllllly liquidy. But, since this is rice flour, this is doubly needed. Rice flour & rice pasta & rice anything needs liquid to stay soft & moist. So trust me this liquid is a good thing. Also the temperature to cook this definitely 325*F and no higher watch the cooking time too. When I bake with rice flour which is all the time, I cook it for 15 minutes. Then I come back & lt it cook about 12 minutes more. This is needed watching so it doesn't burn or cook it too long. Rice is very delicate to bake with. I have found the same thing with the rice noodles. Think you have TOO MUCH red sauce for the noodles, think again my friend. You can always have more moisture with rice.

When all the ingredients are mixed together, pour it into a bundt form. I've cooked in silicone, metal and Teflon. I used metal this time & I wiped canola oil all around the edges and then came back & wiped some of it off, so it wouldn't be too much or leave areas of the pan untouched by the batter & cook and make bubbles into the cakes shape.

Needless to say, the bundt cake was very very good. I was really proud of myself for pulling this one off. I used to make a similar one years ago, the recipe was huge and called for 12 egg whites & cream cheese. I'm very very pleased to announce this Vegan & Gluten free version reminded me like the old one I used to make, without the usage of eggs, at all. Or any butter.. geeez, I recall that old batter calling for tons and tons of butter. Now my recipe here isn't low fat by any stretch of the imagination. But, it's daaayam good when you need a Bundt fix. (Or bribery for non-vegans to give something new & different a whirl. You can't even tell.)

When the cake is cooled use some more vegan butter, organic powdered sugar & vanilla and whip up a quick glaze for it. I put in some yellow food colouring since the vegan margarine I have tends to make it that colour a little bit.. this just made it look a little sunnier. I sliced up some fresh kiwi, strawberries, and blueberries and decorated the top of the cake with them, after frosting it. One tip.. the next day maybe a drizzling of orange juice or agave nectar on the cake to give it some more softness. Or perhaps, warm it in the microwave & add a drizzle of vanilla milk if it's a little dry. Remember the rice my friend, the rice. (you could alternate for another flour type, if you like)

Priceless: My Mom & Step-dad loved it & begged for seconds!

Gluten free & vegan bundt cake

One alternate idea of mine: Simmer Pears in red wine, with sugar & spices to have warmed over the top of this Bundt cake. This is one of the parts of the old recipe that I could have had. But, I really liked the fresh fruit & while there is a wee bit of cake leftover. The fruit is all gone!!

--Heather :)
P.S: It was my Mom who suggested I post this recipe since, it was soooo yummy!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Q: Why is the Sky blue?

Why is the Sky blue?

A: Because the grass is green. {Or} A: Because puke green would be gross & depressing. ;)

I know there is a real, scientific reason, that is the answer to my question above. You can google it, if you'd like to.

My point in posting this query is: It seems to me, that this planet was made perfectly for us humans. You see the sunset & feel happy & warm inside. You see the blue skies and you lose feelings of sadness. You see too much dark and not enough sun, you begin to get sad and depressed. It's like it knows us or was made for us in mind. However, we aren't treating it all that nicely in return. Kind of unfair of us. Isn't it?

I like the view here..

Anything going on in the World that changes, or messes with nature, should be seriously considered first. We really ought to be more careful with nature. Upsetting the balance has already shown to be quite devastating. I fear for the future and I want to just tell people to be careful & take more care. Our lives hang in the balance on this little round sphere. One tiny change could toss things out of balance, and be irreparable. We need to take more care of our one, and only home.

Please pass these thoughts & ideals on. It means the World to me.

XOXO Heather :)

Happy Holidays 2009 !

Happy Winter!

However, you celebrate the Winter, I hope you have a wonderful time!

Much love to you & yours.. XOXO Heather :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Let it SNOW!

Because it's not like we have any choice in the matter, at all. We mine as well make the best of it & enjoy it while it lasts. I love living where the four seasons are. I try to make an effort to make winter my favourite season of them all & do as much as I can with & in the weather given to me. I also make sure to keep the Vitamin D and my spirits up! Whatever it is that makes you HAPPY. Do it! Especially in the wintertime, it's so easy to get depressed & down. The lack of Vitamin D from the sun is a big deal in the "I come from the land of the ice and snow", IE: Northern countries & Northern parts of the USA.

I'm really serious about staying happy & healthy all winter long. It's become my hobby of sorts & finding out as many ways, as possible to stay happy & smiling. I do get down from time to time, though. These times I try to get outside & get the sun rays on my skin. Even if it's blustery & bitter. "break out the beach chairs." Do something silly & play with a beach ball in the snow, or have a snowfight. Listen to shiny happy music & have fun! Paint the snow all pretty colours and hang out with your friends. Keep each other happy & smiling!

Smile, laugh, get some fresh air & stay happy this & all winters!

--Heather :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Power Outage in Rural America..

That black blur under the candles is our TV.

We had a snow day yesterday, and I was so excited. A whole day free of school with my two young sons. We had big plans of lots of fun. Music, dancing, computer fun, Movies, popcorn, and some other indoor fun. We began with a movie. Then some dancing. We put in a VHS copy of the 1977 version Mikhail Baryshnikov's The Nutcracker. I had purchased it for a dollar at our local library in their sale book & movies section. Hubby found it for me since I had recently seen the Ballet in the City. We managed a full viewing then the dancing began. Boys were twirling and whirling to the music in their heads. They borrowed some leggings & danced around having fun pretending to be the boys in the ballet with the swords, guns and horses. Sometimes they were the Rat King, sometimes the Sugar Plum Prince. They were having a ball. My younger son Roosky asked to have the movie put back on so he could dance to the music & get more ideas. So I put it back on. We managed about 20 more minutes with the movie, and it's music. Then the lights went out.

Dancing to keep warm..
The comforter in the back round is from their bed. It was the tent roof of the fort I helped them to make.

No electricity means a couple things here. No heat. No hot water. 40 gals of cold water only. No cooking. (no cooking, only cause I couldn't see where the portable grill was) No heat, did I mention no heat? No TV. No music. No computer. The weather outside at the time was truly frightful. It had snowed overnight about 7-8 inches, then it was raining & deluging on top of that. Ice on top of snow + wind = Not that much fun to be had hiking or hanging out of doors. Plus if we got really wet there was no real way to dry clothes, or warm ourselves up. So on went a bunch of clothes for all of us, including the dogs in their t-shirts. We made a fort, we danced some more. We read a bunch of books. We played dominoes. I showed them how to line them up & knock them down. We played matchbox cars. We coloured. We thought up some stories and we cuddled all 5 of us on the couch. Then darkness began to descend. Funny I didn't think much about the dark coming on. Till it began happening. I had thought the power would have been on in one to two hours or so. It was now nearing 5 hours. So we began hunting up the flashlight. Check. Found the big one. Then I found some LED coloured ones we had purchased a few weeks ago for the boys. They danced around with those for a bit & did some recon missions under the bed & couch to find some toys.

I then looked for a lighter to no avail. Hubby came home and he had one. So I took the candles I had been rounding up & started lighting them. I had a few tea lights and some other small ones.. and lit them all. I found some bottles we had saved for soup & such, rather than using plastic and put candles in them to maximize the light.

Olde Fashioned Lights..

We did venture out one time. We did a quick run to the store for some easy to prep foods. Junk foods I don't normally have on hand since I make most from scratch nowadays. I also picked up some veggies so I could begin our supper stew.

Supper stew ended up being cooked at 9PM. So we had it today for lunch.

While we were tooling along in the car. I saw a red truck in front of us. I kept clear of it, as it was the first real time this winter driving on the wet wintry roads. It rounded a corner, and came to a complete stop, began backing down the road. I pulled alongside it and looked up in front of me to see a ginormous tree blocking our way. It was the "No Electricity" culprit. Hmmmmm, I began backing up too, 3 point turned the vehicle and headed back the other way, to a cross road that cut around the mess. Made it to the store & back with no issues. I saw National Grid coming down the road. I figured at tops it would be a couple two-three hours. I didn't count in the Thunder and Lightning that began working itself up, once we returned home. Electric Employees cannot work in electrical storms, I think it's an obvious reason. They could get struck by lightning, and holding electrical wires in their hands. Just not a good idea.

The lack of power didn't keep us down. It didn't dampen our spirits any. We just switched tracks and found other things to do. We still had fun. We didn't miss the TV at all. We really had a great time bonding & cuddling. My son's were mad when the lights came on and they had to sleep in their own beds. They had been looking forward to camping with us to keep warm, so we caved and let them anyway. They are only this small, this one time. Mine as well enjoy it.

Now that we've had this experience we are going to be better prepared for the next time. Nothing like 'flying blind' to prepare you. I've stored the grill & propane tanks right where I can find them. I've also stashed the candles and glow sticks & flashlights, so I don't have to go looking for them. Definitely considering a wood stove too. It would have made things so much more fun & warmer too boot. ;)

I also took the time to explain how folks used to live, without lights and amenities that we have now. Things like TVs and computers and Mp3 players. That candles, and fires, and dominoes, imaginations and books would have been pretty much it for folks, in some cases. We appreciated our day without the extras. But, we also appreciate the things & extras we do have, just a little bit more now.

XOXO --Heather :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Quick Post..

1. Care for the Earth. 2. Care for her creations & those who cannot speak or need our help. 3. Care for us. 4. Any questions refer to rule #1.

--Heather :)

Thought For Today!

You only have a short time to make a small difference in how things are done on this planet. Git now! Shoo! Off you go now! Go & teach, show the small ones how to be.. how to care for each other.. how to change things. How to make things better.

XOXO --Heather :)

{Cracks whip} Whattya doing sitting there? Git! ;)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

10% for Peace!

Join the EtsyVeg Team this week as we promote Ten Percent For Peace. All this week, November 30-December 6, members of our team will be offering great handmade items for you or your loved ones. Through the generosity of the season, all sales this week in participating shops listed below will be donated to a great organization called Food Not Bombs and their "Dollar for Peace" campaign. Food Not Bombs is an all-volunteer global movement that shares free vegetarian meals as a protest to war and poverty, believing that money spent on sustaining warfare could be used to feed the millions of people starving across the globe. With nearly 400 chapters in countries throughout the world, they call attention to poverty and homelessness in society by sharing food, fighting poverty, and seeking a more just and peaceful existence for all!
Shop handmade for the holidays with EtsyVeg shops all this week and help us to raise support for Food Not Bombs! Feel great supporting local and small businesses and artisans who create each and every item in a unique way, and helping an organization that works to help people create a more peaceful world while combatting the serious problem of world hunger!

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Ten Percent For Peace

Join the EtsyVeg Team this week as we promote Ten Percent For Peace.
All this week, members of our team will be offering great handmade
items for you or your loved ones. We will, through the generosity of
the season, be donating 10% this week to a great organization called
Dollars for Peace.

You can feel great because you are buying handmade and supporting
local and small businesses and artisans who create each and every item
in a unique way, and because you are supporting an organization that
works to help people create a more peaceful world.

Visit the following shops this week to find great items, and some
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Please Help Ivie Get Eye Surgery!

PLEASE CONTRIBUTE $1, $5, ANYTHING, FOR LITTLE IVIE'S EYE SURGERY! She is an ACC survivor in a foster, but needs eye surgery to be adopted out. We have a GREAT price of only $250 for the surgery from the Humane Society of NYC.
Please follow link to Chip-In:

Thanks if you can help! --Heather

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lavender Is My Favourite Herb!

Incredible the uses Lavender has.. I just bought a little bottle to help my son's fall asleep & head to lala land every evening. Wow! Check out the list I've collected below.

Skin Care: Abscesses, acne, allergies, athlete's foot, boils, bruises, burns, dandruff, dermatitis, earache, eczema, inflammations, insect bites and stings, insect repellent, lice, psoriasis, ringworm, scabies, sores, spots, all skin types, sunburn, wounds. Circulation, Muscles, and Joints: Lumbago, muscular aches and pains, rheumatism, sprains. Respiratory System: Asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, halitosis, laryngitis, throat infections, whooping cough
Digestive System: Abdominal cramps, colic, dyspepsia, flatulence, nausea
Genito-urinary System: Cystitis, dysmenorrhea, leucorrhea
Immune System: Flu. Nervous System: Depression, headache, hypertension, insomnia, migraine, nervous tension and stress related conditions, PMT, sciatica, shock, vertigo, Aromatherapy, Soap making, Fragrance mixing & Diffuser use.

Purple grass blur

I've now learned a couple new things today. Incredible! I <3 Lavender. It's like a almost cure-all for everything. WOW!

Heather :)


Friday, November 27, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Final Etsyveg Recycle Challenge Update

The above in my photo of the three rings I upcycled from the items I was gifted in this challenge.

This was a whole lot of fun. I can't wait to try to come up with another project like this. Even my son got into the action.

Thanks for checking it out. Not sure if I will sell the rings. If you would like win something enter my ongoing blog giveaways. The other giveaway is here.

Enjoy, Heather :)

© COPYRIGHT NOTE: My designs, photos and description text are protected by copyright. They may not be duplicated, copied, reproduced and/or republished without permission or notice. All rights are reserved.

The Crafting Monster Has Been Unleashed..

The Crafting Monster has been unleashed..

After our Etsyveg team challenge began. My son saw me working on it & had to participate. These are the recycled things he made with leftover beads, glue & some shells, and caps we saved.

Enjoy! --Heather :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Etsyveg Recycle Challenge Update

recycle project update..

This photo above is a portion of my project for the Etsyveg Recycle Challenge entry. I have used some recycled beads, and glue for this along with a 35 MM film containers cover. The recycled beads were given to me from my Mother's kraft stash.
The lense cover is one of the items gifted to me by my partner in this challenge. The beads are now hardened with the glue that they were molded into. I will now be taking them & gluing them, cementing rather them to a ring base. This is part one of the project.

More to come. ---Heather :)

Today I Am Thankful For U2 & Greenday!


100 words or (more)less.

Listen right now to the 'Saints are Coming By U2 & Greenday.' Turn it up. No, louder. Even louder still. "Oh come onnnnn." "Turn it UP!" Wait for it. When they get to: "The Saints Are Coming." Get ready then go on & crank it! Whoever it is whacking the drums. I could HUG you very much right now. It's awesome, it kicks. Gets the blood pumping after that first kick start. Kudos to you, Bono & friends. You have made my day. Every time I listen to it.

I can almost believe that they are on their way. That the Saints are coming. They are coming to change things. They are almost here to make things better. That all the cries in the world will be silenced and replaced with sweet music of love & happiness for all creatures. For everyone. That everyone will have a right to life and peace and happiness and a fulfilling life. I always type happier, faster and better with U2 playing in the back round. I have won awards for my Poetry when I wrote to U2. I think music is the key to get the spirit moving for me. To get the ideas flowing. I cannot work without it and I'm telling ya... it's important that we have it, continue to have it. To quote a really smart one:

"It's a beautiful day. Don't let it get away."

Whatever it is that works for you. Gives you joy. Gets you happy. Makes you think. Do it. Lots of it. Keep on plugging away. Signing petitions, smelling the roses, hugging babies. Loving your families, friends. Walking in the fresh air. Do whatever it takes.

Keep on believing.... "The Saints Are Coming."

Oh boy, I think I'm going to be thankful for U2 & REM tomorrow too. I gotta run__ 'ONE' played by them live just came on. It's all about the bongos.

XOXO Heather :)
Don't worry it's safe to look..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just Getting Warmed Up..

"I'm packing you your angry eyes just in case." Mrs. Potato Head, Toy Story 2.

Telling the American Public to have faith, is akin to handing them some blinders to put on & saying.. "Now look over there at the HDTV while I sack, pillage and rape you." Maybe trust was the word I was going for in lieu of faith. But, it's generally the same thing isn't it?

I'm in such a sad state with the world today. With the way people are treated, cared for & put aside if they aren't needed or viable for tax/income reasons. The way we treat each other is in direct line with how we treat the world. People are sick, poisoning themselves with bad food, bad thoughts, toxic products, greed and envy and lust. Yet the next article that you read is how we are voting in a Christian person as a Leader. I don't know if others make this connection or if my musings are going overboard. But, I'm saddened the way things are run right now. We need to stop it. Change it. Care more. Work harder. Stop being so lazy. War? Why are we still at War? Why are there starving children anywhere on this planet? Why is it OK to put homeless animals to death on a minute to minute basis? Where is the turning of the other cheek? Where is the love, at all?

I'm not asking for perfection. I'm not expecting huge changes. I'm expecting more love to go around for everyone.

I'm caught in the undertow of a bad mood, I think. We need more happy to go around. I need to do something positive. I need to hear something positive.

I'll leave you with this one. A great positive change that has been made. Makes me feel better just reading about it. Here <3 seeing it made my day.

"Buck up little camper." "It will get better."

--Heather :)

Heather Beret..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

VERY Important Autism & Vaccine Question


VERY Important Vaccine Question



The above text and link is borrowed from, belongs to www.NATIONALAUTISM.ORG

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Daiya Vegan Cheese

It's all gone....

Here's the skinny: It melts, it bubbles, it's gooey, it tastes & feels like REAL Cheese going down your throat.

it's AWESOME! Head over to Pangea for what I call the tester bag, or right over to Cosmo's vegan shop for the large bag & stock up!

Daiya Cheese Pizza

Wish I had photos to show you the finished product.. But, the Pizza was gone in a flash! --Heather :)

Updated: This is a photo of a Daiya Cheese Lasagna I created this evening. You could knock me over with a feather, it is soooooooo good& cheesy!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Etsyveg Team *Stars* in this Lovely Treasury

etsyveg team treasury

Thank you to Cari of Loveluca for creating this work of art. Thank you to the etsyveg team members for their neverending creativity & works of beauty!

From the left hand top: KathleenMarieKelly, CricketsCreations, fantazerova,
Middle: Lulubugjewelry, aktie9, auclairdelalune,
Second Middle: Jenoconnell, movetheneedle, theanecdotesBottom: amefaust, leandogpottery,artbysusmitha

Enjoy! --Heather :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just a small glimmer..

A small glimmer of sunshine

Not much Vitamin D to be had today. Damn shame. Hope my Vitamin supplements get here soon. In the meantime, I'm drinking an excessive amount of Organic Lemon water to detox with & hope to keep the colds and etc. at bay. Also I've been ingesting lots of fruits & veggies and trying to pick the most colourful ones to keep my stores of vitamins and strength up.

We've been walking pretty much each day, at least getting an hour of excercise in. Hoping to keep the fresh air inside flowing as well, we opened up some windows over the weekend. So far we haven't experienced any sort of flu action here, and I'm glad for that. Hope you don't either. It is pretty scary with the hype and misinformation out there. Couple links for you to peruse under my signature, might make you feel a little better about it. Stay healthy!

XOXO Heather :)

What to do for fevers.

Vitamin D & illnesses.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Don't Box Me In..

box potential

If I have a box, I tend to let my kids play with it. To see what they will do with it. Usually it involves some cutting with scissors, gluing, maybe some glitter. A lot of the time they like to use it to house their toys.. or to carry around some books. It's always different, never the same thing twice. Sometimes it becomes a car, or a boat. Sometimes it's large enough that the kids fit inside it. Boy, do they like that. Then there is much decorating and deciding of what to put inside.. pillows, blankets, more toys.. Then, where are we going on our amazing journey??

There is much fun they can have with a small brown box. It is never brown at the end of all their work. It is all kinds of colours.. red, orange, green, yellow.. they cram as much as they can into the box & decorate with as many different colours as they can... it's incredible the intense study and thought that goes into it all.
I don't like to be boxed in.. nor do the stuffed animals. They love windows, and doors cut in so they can see the outside or climb through them.

I think about my kid's ingenuity and imagination when faced with any problem. There's a whole lot of options in a small tiny brown box. Plus most problems look better if you throw a little glitter on them. ;)

--Heather :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

An Einstein a day..

.....will keep the mediocre thoughts away..

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
--Albert Einstein

Or is that An Einstein a day will keep the dumb away? ;)

I suggest everyone give Einstein's quotes and writings a read through, upon occasion. Several times is important, since the thoughts might affect you differently in different spots of your life. Like reading a good book for the second time. You SEE the spots you might have missed earlier when you read it the first time around..... and maybe you will learn something new.. --Heather :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Etsyveg Team World Veg Day Cookbook

The EtsyVeg Team presents a
Recipe Ebook filled with
26 Yummy Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes!

100% of proceeds donated to
Farm Sanctuary.

Purchase Your Copy Here!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To Timbucktoo??

Just let me know where to ship her..

Just kidding around. Just had to snap this one. Funny place for a dog.. but, cozy apparently.. xoxo Heather :)

Second Freebie.. a Coffee Table Book..

The second giveaway is for a coffee table book of my photography. Artwork I have had in my etsy shop, have on my flickr account or have given away to friends.

Narrowing down the photos to put in the book has been quite difficult. I want to stick to about 20 pages. The photos will all be matte photographs. There will be no watermarks on the photos. If you want to help me.. and I hope you do. You can go into my flickr account to My Artwork set and choose up to ten of your very favs. Put a comment on the photos you like the best & email me at I will collect them & choose from these photos & have a book made from some of these and my personal selections. Disclaimer: If the photos don't work for the book they will be omitted. I'm looking for my artwork photos. Stuff I would sell in my etsy shop. Not dog, self portraits, or kid photos. ;) If a photo isn't shown in this set.. comment on it anyway, and it will be considered. I'm very flexible.

One book will be made & given out as a freebie. I will also have others for sale in my shop after the first one is given out. The book will come signed by the artist, HEY that's me. ;)

Delicate little butterfly (watermarked)

Thank you for your help! I hope YOU win! XOXO Heather :)

Bullet is HOME safe!!

A lost dog is home!! YAY, congrats Bullet!! So glad for a happy ending!!

XOXO Heather :)

Tiny flower pin packs a freebie punch!

Flower pin

I've got two giveaways on the burner. One is this brooch & a ring. In order to get in the running to win: Follow me on facebook, or twitter. Then tweet or post FB the link to this freebie posting to win. This pin & a ring from my etsy shop. Links are below. If you are already following me on facebook or twitter, just retweet or facebook, even email this posting to help spread it around. This counts as a entry only for folks already following me in some way.

Deadline for the pin giveaway is the 21st of November 2009. A winner will be chosen randomely.

Now my other giveaway is going to be a book of my Photography. I'm still working on it. I do need some help with it, though. I'm posting the details to another posting to make it less confusing.

Questions, post them to the comments section here, or email

Have fun!! I hope YOU win!!

XOXO --Heather :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bullet is MISSING!

Bullet, the liver roan GSP (German Shorthaired Pointer/larger dog ) shown in the photo below, has been missing since Sunday. He went missing Sunday at appx 4pm off of Lovely Street which is located on the Avon/Canton(CT) line. He is about 70 lbs and is very friendly. Bullet was not wearing a collar or tags and was let off lead in the woods and took off after something. He is not microchipped.

His owners are distraught and doing all they can to find Bullet. The owner's son in law is Shawn Curtis and he can be reached at

Many of you are in CT, please forward this email to your dog contacts who may be able to help. Those of you who aren't in CT Please also consider posting the link to my blog to your facebook & twitter accounts. The more people hear about it the better chance of a speedy & safe return. "Keep your paws crossed!"

Thank you very much, Heather :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

With apologies to Stephanie Meyer...

sepia twilight

I'll take over for Bella. ;) This website can get addictive tho, better watch it.

XOXO Heather :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Etsyveg Team World Veg Day Cookbook!

To celebrate World Vegetarian Day and month (October), the EtsyVeg Team has compiled members' recipes into this awesome little ebook for your gustatory delight and to help a worthy cause- Farm Sanctuary!

This illustrated & colorful digital cookzine was created by the fabulous, and includes 26 yummy vegan and vegetarian/easily-made-vegan recipes (most are original)! All proceeds from the sale of the ebook will benefit Farm Sanctuary (, a rescue for abused and neglected farm animals victimized by factory farming.

You will receive a PDF file of the ebook for your personal use. Feel free to link to this listing on your blog and social media sites! :)

Please convo us with any concerns or questions. Thank you for supporting EtsyVeg and Farm Sanctuary! :)

It's availible for purchase here.

XOXO Heather :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Potato Leek Soup..

Potato Leek Soup

I loosely followed this recipe. I skipped the 4 cups of broth, and rosemary. I used vegan margarine to cook the onions in & I added two carrots cut up for the flavour instead of the broth. I used 4 cups of water instead of the broth. No reason in particular. Just using less salt these days & I had tons of leeks to use. After it was all cooked down. (steamed) I sent it through my blender for a few five minutes. Since I used all the leeks, I had extra soup. I froze two containers. Two containers went into the fridge for the week.

I love soup, and my son does too. Hubby & my other son aren't as fond of it. But, hubby will use it like gravy over a garden burger. I will take what I can to get them to eat more veggies. I will try to put some noodles and butter into a little of the soup for my anti soup son. See if he notices. I will try anything. He's a vegetarian but, he would live on fruit, bread, smoothies, and cookies if he could. I try to make sure he is sneaked some veggies too.

Potato Leek Soup

Eat some veggies today! --Heather ;)

Just a thought about cancer, and autism and toxins we ingest..

I believe there are really sensitive folks out there, Folks like me. IE: My Gluten Free and Veganism. Who are like canaries in a coal mine, for lack of a better description. Folks like us pick up on toxins and poisons far easier than other folks. Then we get issues or problems from it, and end up getting sick or in some cases dead.

Folks like us are a beacon, a red light, a warning sign. Something is seriously wrong with our way of life, our planet and the toxins we are using.

Now we have another red light, The bees. My husband read a article in Mother Earth News, recently. There was an update on the CCD of the bees. (ccd= colony colapse disorder) Apparently it's the toxins they are using, spraying on the fields that are killing them off. If they are killing off the bees, and ruining the hives.. what is it going to do to us longterm? Not just in the no food to eat angle. But, the toxin angle. If the bees are sick, what's going on with their HONEY?

How many toxins are in the honey? Good question. We don't eat honey here any longer. But, we do eat veggies that are produced in the same way, as honey, from the planet. We really need far more organic foods for people. Most people it takes years, and years to build up toxins in their bodies to give them cancers... or illnesses like that, that end up eventually killing them. Some folks like little kids and others pick up on it a whole lot sooner.

Ding, ding, ding. It's time for change. I think and have read about anything that your body doesn't recognize as something it needs.. can eventually give you cancer. ANYTHING you ingest that isn't food.. or something your body recognizes or needs can make you ill. Sure, I might sound like poppycock.. but, that's just because they haven't voiced this in mass quantity as of yet.. it's a theory, and a good one considering the longest lived people on the planet, live in the rainforest, out of doors, and don't eat farmed, organic meat, or any meat in any real quantity, and don't ingest the kinds or amounts of toxins like we do. They certainly don't see a doctor, unless someone is studying them. Less equals more.

So I don't believe that MMR vaccine is the cause of Autism. I believe it's part of the problem, though. It's an additive so to speak. One more thing in a long line of crap that we are ingesting that is going to hurt us in the longterm.

One last thought: Our planet was fine, and had everything on it we ever needed before money, or big business decided to turn a profit. Getting back to the basics is the only way forward.

---Heather :/

Friday, October 23, 2009

My new siggy!


This is my new signature stamp. Made by terbearco. The <3 Heather O'Connor is new. The 3 Am Art Productions one is an earlier one I had her make for me. I was still signing my prints with a pen, and not liking it one bit. I have used several different pens, and had bad luck with them all. No matter what permanent ink I found... they were all smudging. Perhaps I was too impatient. It is one of my lesser qualities. But, when you sign a photograph it should be immediately dry IMHO. I had the Owl Stamp made to I could use it for advertising. Instead of a business card. I use a small photo and stamp the business card information onto it. Lo and behold: The stamping ink dries immediately. Just like the pen should.

So I had terbearco make another stamp. With my signature on it this time. I had her make it up pretty big. This way it works on the really large photos, since the really small photos just get the 3amart stamp anyway. It took me some time to decide. I kept writing my signature in cursive and I didn't like it. So it took several tries and finally I came up with a solution that made me happy. Just sign it regular. Why does it have to be cursive? Ask my 3rd Grade Elementary Teacher for me, will ya? I like it just written out better. Then I had the wild idea of adding the heart. A little <3 from me to you, in the mail.

XOXO <3 Heather :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sounds like a Sonnet..

Sounds like a Sonnet..

Taken this morning, while walking my doggies. Looked up through the tree branches and saw this pretty picture being formed..

Enjoy, Heather :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Etsyveg's Recycling, Upcycling Challenge..

What does a film canister, an envelope, a brown paper bag, some black plastic netting bag, spiced scented candle bits, and a wine cork all have in common?

Spice candle pieces

What, no ideas? Yeah, me either. ;) It's all a part of Etsyveg's Recycling Challenge, a project that was created by yours truly. Yours truly, has received her items today, and has no idea whatsoever to do with them. I'm stumped. Good and truly well stumped...

wine cork

Actually that's not quite true. I've got ideas. Lots and lots of ideas. One idea is a taking each of the pieces and gluing them to some ring backs that I have kicking around. Like for example, take the fabric and sew it into a pillow and add it to a ring somehow using the scented wax as a sachet inside or something like that. Then use the lunchbag and the envelope and decorate it and draw on it, and laminate it, and then glue it to another ring. Or a pendant even. Or even as the backing for the first ring.. you know for sitting it on if it were to be sold or gifted. Giving it something solid to sit upon. Or maybe a pin..


I'm not sure yet. The ideas are many. I'm also considering using the fabric, melting the wax. And doing some resist dye thing with it, and the sewing the fabric into a purse or a little change purse or a wallet. Perhaps even framing the fabric once it's done, and using the envelope and the brown paper bag behind the fabric to give it crinkle and depth when framed.


Then there is the netting. Everyone has a piece of this netting kicking around. You know you do. I happen to have been gifted a black piece. I also have a orange piece and a green piece that I have saved. I always save a piece.. but, never know quite what to do with it. Certainly I could use it behind that resist dyed fabric also.


The envelope is stumping me a bit.. except hiding it with the other stuff, if I were to frame the fabric. However, if I just used the glassine window....I could make some sort of mosaic underneath it. I think I need to think a little bit more...


This Challenge is making me think. I do believe this was part and parcel to the whole idea. To think about the things we think of as trash. What if we had to find something to do with our trash type items? What if we didn't have places to send it all. Barring the real stinky garbage of course. What if the reusable stuff had to be saved, because, we couldn't throw it away, simply for a lack of room reason. What then? What would you do it? What would you do with these items? Or items like them?

Paper bag

I keep coming back to the ring idea. Somehow I want to create a ring with each of the items or even some of them added together. But, I want it saleable, as in quality. Not neccesarily will I sell it. But, I might show it somewhere. Certainly will show it online. So I do want things to be nice and wearable. Hmm more rumination is needed.


If you have ideas, feel free to leave a comment. Wanna to join in with us? Find five items you normally throw away. Try to use them in a art project. Check out the etsyveg blog for our guidelines to get ideas.

Have fun & recycle! XOXO Heather :)

*This Challenge, was inspired by this Contest here.

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