Monday, March 16, 2009

Fav Quote of the Day!

"Every man is guilty of all the good he didn't do" -- Voltaire

I'm glad I stopped my car for this little pooch. I'm glad Duke barked like a maniac when he saw her on the sidewalk all alone. It's been 2 years since we found this little Chihuahua girl. No, she hasn't gotten any better with the potty habits. I've just gotten better at picking the poop up faster.She does do it in the same spot every time. So this is at least something. She does wee outside pretty good.
It's just the poop for some weird reason. So I'm keeping her close to me... and watching for the signals. It does take some doing. It does stress me out some. I'm still glad for her. I'm still willing to put up with her.

She's a great little dog. She's a handy friend to have. She is a wonderful companion. I don't think my having to pick up her poop is a hard duty, in exchange for keeping her safe, feeding her and keeping her healthy. She does some great things for me. Like: Bark like a maniac whenever the wind blows. I'm a little bit of a nervous nelly sometimes. I don't like being alone all day with the kids. So she's handy to have around to let me know when a leaf blows by the window. Just in case it's a deadly nighshade leaf & really super poisonous.

Thank you Minnie. Here's to more years spent enjoying you!

Happy Rescueversary #2! ----Heather "aktie9" :)
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