Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm so bored, can we puuuuhlease go fer a walk?

This is my Duke, dog. I call him Johnny B. Goode sometimes, though. Sometimes snuggle monkey, sometimes pookanutty... I just love him soooo much. He's a awesome poochie. He's so easy to care for, live with.. and just all around adore. He's so smart, and he listens to commands really well. If he's going to slow.. I just click my tongue and he snaps to attention. If he's going to fast.. I just tell him to slow down, and he does. He's a magic dog.. of my best daydreams. I've always always wanted a black labrador. He's a pal. I love him, and confide in him. He knows all.. he lets me cry on his shoulder, and only asks that I let him do the same. Possibly scratch the belly or give him a treat from time to time. I couldn't ask for a better dog. I'm so very lucky to have found him.

I love you Duke. ---Heather 'aktie9' :)

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