Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New photograph for my shop....

A pink echinacia flower macro. Shot on location at the ecotarium.org. This little butterfly garden is where lots of my photos have been taken. The Otter, the Polar Bear, the orange butterfly.. etc They have loads of wonderful subjects to capture here. The foxie loxie lives here also. I've got an extensive list of subjects still to shoot here.

2.Bald Eagles

And the list goes on and on. I'm also looking for new places, to go to for photographing. I have many favourite subjects. Buildings are one. Old cars, another.
I tend to love still life. But, zooming in on fast moving images is also becoming an interest. Waterfall that is down my street is a fast moving one. I look forward to taking some hours and hours shooting it from every angle. Today one of my friends blogged on her recent excursion in NYC to see some Cherry Blossoms. http://www.pandawithcookie.blogspot.com Now, I need to find myself some Cherry Blossoms to photograph. There is a place nearby I'm considering. It's called Tower Hill Botanical Garden. Located in West Boylston. Hoping to get there very soon, like this upcoming weekend!

---Heather 'aktie9' :)
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