Friday, April 10, 2009

Ohhh I just LOVE this product!

Erin of Krug's Ecologic is one of my teammates on Etsyveg. I noticed her shop for it's clean looking photography, and lovely sounding listing descriptions. Mouthwatering descriptions. I was inspired to check some of them out first hand. I was excited to find she had a grab bag as a listing. Wow, so cool I just had to try it! I received the above shown product the Vanilla Lime Sal Butter & an Orange and Cocoa bar of soap. What a HUGE bar of soap it is. Smells lovely like oranges and chocolate. One of my fav smell combinations. Oh, just so heavenly. I took mine and cut it into three really good sized pieces. Natural homemade soap is much better for you. But, the scent can get lost faster. So I wrapped the other two pieces tightly and I'm saving them for when the current one is used up. I have mine in my kitchen, by the sink. So it's there when ever I need to wash my hands. My hands are very happy. I also purchased at the same time a tea tree and salt bar of soap. This I did the same thing for, and I use it in the shower for my face. I love it. It's a nice awakening in the shower every morning, and being me, I need all the help waking up, that I can get.

The vanilla lime sal butter is the product I wanted to gush about. But, it's hard not getting sidetracked in her shop, and just ooohing and ahhhing over all the products. The photos are awesomely done. Showcases everything perfectly. You will never question what you will receive. Ever since the sal butter arrived, I haven't let it get out of my sight. It smells so awesome. Lime and vanilla together is one of my fav's. When I was vegetarian I used to make a sugar cookie with these two ingredients in them. It reminds me of the smell of them cooling just waiting to be eaten. But, it's even better than that, lower calories too. ;) It's non-greasy, non staining.. and smells so heavenly putting on. I use it right after showering on all my dry skin areas. I've already noticed a complete 100% difference. I tend to get dry patches, and my elbows and knees are already softening up from using it. I know very soon, I will need another one. I'm planning on trying the Natural soap, lotion and sal butter combo kit. Three awesome products for $35. Yes, I will be getting it in Vanilla lime. I'm completely addicted to it.

Fabulous stuff, Erin. Thank you so much! This was the best Grab bag I've ever had!

XOXO Heather :)
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