Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where the bird hails from

Where the bird hails from, originally uploaded by Aktie9.

My little blue bird brooch has arrived! YAY! I'm working on a little project of taking him places, making him backdrops and scenes to shoot his image with/onto. is where I found him. I'm calling him tipsy for the time being. Haven't found the right name, for him as of yet.

I found out last night on flickr. That there is a group of people who do this. it's called Roaming Gomes and other creatures. I was invited by Queen Tonks, one of my flickr contacts. So of course I signed right up. :) It's a really cool group of photos.

This is another photo of the bird. he's hanging out on a recycled wool sweater, that I've turned into a shoe storage bag. It was the right colour for my
bird to sit on.
Tipsy Whimsey

I really like this photo: pinkflowerbird
I think it looks really nice small. I think ACEO's will also be made of the bird. I'm looking forward to that size of art in my shop. I love the smaller sizes on things. Super Kawaii. ---Heather 'aktie9'

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