Friday, May 22, 2009


I've just about had it with my job. I'm seriously thinking of putting my notice in.
My co-workers are dumb, the absolute ridiculous people, I have ever met. My two dogs who I trained myself, and have to remind on a daily basis who the alpha really is, are much smarter. It's so tiring saying the same thing over and over and over to these people. I'm constantly cleaning up someone else's mess. They leave things behind all the time, don't care to clean up after themselves. They are like a Tasmanian Devil on speed. Not that Taz needs any help. They laugh joyfully at my misery and just point and laugh. Getting them to help with their tasks, duties and so forth. I mine as well be talking to a wall. They are loud, unruly people. Making me have to yell to get a word in edgewise. Sometimes, they are quiet this when I know I'm in for a really big problem. One I'd rather just ignore for the moment and let them finish, so I can clean up the catastrophe. Only problem, if I wait too long.. the entire building might just get flooded with soap bubbles and we might all drown. How do people do this same thing day after day after day? I just don't know how they cope, and don't end up in a clinic, or seriously into a dealer for a lot of money for drugs.

I never finish any of my projects. I've got dishes, laundry, and all kinds of craft things going on. None of it is fully completed in one day. Takes me hours and hours to finish things, because I am constantly on the run fixing someone else's issues.

Currently my list of *TO DO* is as follows:

1. Pick up tomato and banana skins off the rug.
2. Put the styrofoam packing peanuts into the trash.
(So they can stop blowing all around the floor.)
3. Vacuum rug.
4. Wash rug.
5. Let rug dry overnight before walking on it again.
6. Laundry is piling up again.
7. Dishes need to be put away.
8. Dogs really need a nice long 3 mile hike.
9. I could use a haircut.
10. Kids need a haircut too---look like the Monkeys right about now.
11. Clean the mud from the backyard. It was made with milk.
So it's going to be a festering stew really soon.
12. Take a Sabbatical at a convent.
13. Have my tubes tied.
14. Have hubby get snipped too for the added measure.
15. I'm sure there is something else I need to do.

Oh and on top of all of those chores. The PAY really sucks.

--Heather ;)


Cute aren't they? I could never quit on them. :)
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