Friday, May 1, 2009

Minnie of Barkington

Minnie of Barkington, originally uploaded by Aktie9.

This is Miss Minnie Pooper. Minnie of Barkington, if you prefer. Mini is her name. Barking is her game. Do I sound whiny and complainy? I love her, I really really really do.. she's just BARKY. Whenever she hears something (cat next town over, piddling in their cat box) she flakes out. Men.. seem to irritate her the most. We had some guys getting into their car today, they had a bad luck to be parked near ours. She freaked out, and barked so much.. she sounded rabid. But by DOG she is damn cute. I'm also very happy, to have her living with me. Duke (Labby mix) and I saved her in February of 07.
If we hadn't found her and rescued her.. WHO would have? I can tell you ALL the other cars passing by her that day.. just passed her by. Their loss. When I die.. I hope to go to a Dog heaven.. and be surrounded by them. I love dogs, more than anything else.
She's so cute.. so loveable.. and is really smitten with her owner. I will always love and take care of her. Her happiness is my goal. My kids 3 and 4 (according to chihuahua rescue places, are bad ages to have chihuahua's with.) Absolutely love and adore this pup. They learned very quickly, how to act with her around. Minnie is super smart.. she nips ME, if the kids pester her too much or scare her. All in all we are very lucky to have her. She gives me this look, sometimes.. just says. THANKS.. my life is good because of you. I wouldn't change a thing in my life.. except maybe to get more dogs, and live somewhere in the boonies, so I could have lots more dogs.

I'm hoping someday to have a couple of cats too, and maybe some rabbits. I miss rabbits. They are so much fun.

---Heather 'aktie9' :)

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