Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Awesome Doggy needs a home!

This time in Pasadena! Please tweet, facebook & network!

“Daphne” (A248748), 1 ½ year-old Lab/Pit mix at Pasadena Humane Society is in need of adoption/rescue! She has been at the shelter since April 20th and Please network!

Daphne has won over a lot of people at the shelter with her great dog-socialization skills and happy demeanor. She has been used quite frequently as the “tester dog” by the behavior department as they evaluate other dogs. She is very playful, and also knows not to push the other dogs. We would recommend that an adopter for Daphne have no cats, as she seems to be a little too interested in them.

Daphne gets out with volunteers for regular walks around the park. They say that she has a ton of energy for the first 10 minutes of the walk, but then mellows out to a nice stroll. She has learned the “sit” and “down” commands very quickly and would love to learn more. She would definitely be a star at an obedience class.

Daphne has had a lot of interest from adopters at the shelter, but no one has adopted her yet. Because of our space limitations, we have been asked to get a commitment for this love bug by June 16th.

If you are able to rescue or adopt “Daphne” (A248748), please contact the Pasadena Humane Society adoptions office at (626) 792-7151 x 137, Kevin at x 119, Mary at x 121, or Ute at x 117. Or email Kevin at Mary at or Ute at
Location: Pasadena Humane Society -

Big hugs and huge licks from Daphne! :)
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