Friday, June 5, 2009

Beginner's Luck?

ivy queen s. o'connor

Here is another photograph by my husband, Sean O'Connor. He purchased himself a cheapo camera. It cost $15 on sale and is pink in colour. The colour doesn't bother him, in the least. The camera has 5 mega pixels. He absolutely hates the camera, though. The view finder is so tiny he couldn't hardly see through it to take a photo, so it was very difficult for him. Driving him somewhat batty. The photos it takes are very nice---when you can see through the viewfinder or get lucky. Even I had trouble using it. So I bought him a better one. You see he's like me. Stingy. He didn't wanna spend a lot of money on something, if perchance he wasn't interested in this becoming a hobby for him. But, since he has had some great beginner's luck with my camera____ It seems to me like this new hobby is going to stick.

I found him a much better camera, one with more mega pixels, and a HUGE viewfinder. I will pick him up a shade for the viewfinder this weekend. It's a little shade that attaches to the viewfinder of the camera with a sticky backing, and allows you to partially cover the viewfinder from the sun. Too much sun in a viewfinder and you can't see the subject matter very well.. and then your photos aren't so good.
I've been playing with his photos, and having fun editing them. Below showcases the same photo from above, just edited in picnik for fun.

Happy Snapping! --Heather 'aktie9' :)

ivy queen s. o'connor

ivy queen s. o'connor

ivy queen s. o'connor
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