Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thought for the day.. from a forum posting, etsyveg post..

PETA is wonderful because, they get the word out. People would never hear about these things without them. Yes they do the over the top thing.. but, the SQUEAKY WHEEL Gets the grease, gets folks talking, posting, and LEARNING.

Folks do have to make up their own minds of course, and seeing is believing. I suggest watching each and every single video PETA has on it's various sites. If you can stomach all of them, I applaud you on your iron stomach. Me, I cannot. So I'm Vegan. (thank you PETA, Greenpeace, Skinny Bitch, and others) I'm also leather free, fur free, and wool free. I do have leather shoes from prior, I will not toss them out, since it goes against my recycler grain. FUR on the other hand I'd bury it before I wore it. I wear my leather Danskos, because of my back pain. I don't like it tho. I mean I love Danksos. I wish they had a Vegan option. Until they do, I can't buy anymore. Now I'm a big fan of I don't know how their shoes fit, as of yet. My very first pair are en route, as we speak.

I also don't have the Puritanical views lots of USA people have. I love the Peta videos with the veggies and the pretty ladies. Wish they asked me. ;0 I do wish they would do the reverse, and have some Vegan men do one too. EDIT: What's good for the Gander, is also good for the goose."

One word on Vegan men: Stamina. One word on Vegan women: Stamina. ;) ;)

You don't have to go entirely meat free. Try it once in a while to start. It really opened up my food repetoire. I was soooo bored with eating anything, before, I found Veganism. Now I've found tons of new, different exciting things to eat. No one dies to keep me healthy. I'm happier *mentally* too, and also one big one: I haven't gotten sick in 2 years. Pollen allergies are also less of a pain. Since going Milk free, and replacing it with Soy, my back is less painful too. Soy isn't a dirty word folks. Try Soy milk sweetened, like drinking ice cream base. YUMMMYY to the 10th power!

There are soo many reasons to go Veg in some form or another. Animals aren't the only reason. But, they are just as important, as we are to this planet. "Why is his life, any less important, than your's is?" --The BEE movie. It's not. We all have a reason to be here on this planet. We don't need to know the why. We just need to realize it before the seas are empty. And the animals are gone. Just some thoughts. Not harping on anyone.

That's about it. Peta is a bit over the top, so is Greenpeace. So can other groups be. I wouldn't have heard about the environmental issues as a Highschooler, and began my own local grassroots effort without Greenpeace. So for that, and the folks like them. I do appreciate them. I thank them. Someone has to be the one to tell us. Someone has to be *that person* that no one wants to be. Someone has to YELL and get loud and annoying.. (sorry) otherwise.. nothing will ever change. I do of course prefer the ways of Buddha. Quiet, leading, being unobtrusive etc. But someone has to kick and scream.

"For the river to flow downwards.. a single drop of rain has to fall."

XOXO Heather :)
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