Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Thunder Rolls....

This is just a few moments ago, at my house. For the last 21 days out of 24 we have had rain. Today we finally had an entire day of full on sun. Gorgeous sun, and blue skies. I managed a few hours laying out. Trying to get some colour, and enjoy the day. {more later, lightning is here now.}

No, don't go.. I love you so..

Well the storm, if you could call it that was kinda boring. Rumbled for about 3o minutes give or take and then gave up the ghost. Few zaps across the skies, little rain drops here and there. Mostly sprinkles. Really, was there a point to taking away my sun, again? Just more frustrating rain. It does seem like the rain is getting tired of falling. I hope it gives up the fight soon. Really soon. Like last week, even. Ergh! I'm starting to pine for the desert..

Goodbye Dear Sun...

I do have this *thing* for sky photos. So all in all not a bad thing. I'm just complaining, because it's a peculiar strength of mine? ;)

☁☂Go away. I want ☼☼☼ From now on!

--Heather :)
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