Friday, July 31, 2009

My Mosquito Control Tag Team

Al CaToad (boost)

spring peeper (boosted)

Greenie "Flippers" McNabb (colour boost, on picnik)

From the top we have Al CaToad, Red 'The Nefarious' Murphy, and Green *Flipper's* McNabb. These are three amphibians that my husband saw last evening out front of our house. In fact we've seen Al CaToad a few dozen times, now. Apparently he's quite the fellow. Hubby saw him hopping down our driveway after three other toads and ribbiting at them. Since only the males make noise, I'm guessing he is a little territorial of our abode, and the bugs we have here. Somehow or other these two other frog's are allowed to live here peacefully with him. Maybe they go after different bugs, than he is after. Anyway less is more as far as mosquitos go.
There are certainly less bugs hanging about. Or at least they don't tend to stay very long.

When you come to visit us, just be careful by the front door. This is their fav hangout. We have decided to leave things in the front yard as is for them. At my best guess, the first is a regular old New England brown toad. The reddish one is a Spring peeper. I'm guessing the green one might be a baby leopard frog, but, I could be mistaken. If you know, please post the answer in the comments section.

Enjoy! Thanks for looking, Heather :)

Admin note: These were taken in the dead of night. I have a ISO camera which helped with the flash & getting the shot to even be viewable. I also edited these photos, in because they were so boring. The originals can be viewed in my flickr account, check out aktie9 on :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cupid & Psyche's Daughter..

The Goddess Voluptas.. (WM)

The Goddess Voluptas. I haven't figured out how to give a link for the larger version of this photo. If you look into the center of the clouds, it looks like a lovely looking woman is walking in between them. On flickr I added a note to show you the area.

--Heather :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009


Waking up..

Another shot from today. Closeup macro of some flowers in my yard. Does anyone know what kind they are? I've no idea. Colour is soo lively and bright.

--Heather :)

How secretive are the bees...

Bees keeping secrets..

--Heather :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Capture your heart treasury, for the etsyveg team!

The Official Tibetan Mourning Flower

By some incredible click of luck, I'm in a treasury twice! Wwwwoooot! Awesome! It's a bunch of cute stuff too. Wonderful! The treasury is here: ENJOY! Please remember to click 12 times on every single person's item, and leave a comment too!

XOXO Heather :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Spicy Black Bean Burgers.. from scratch..

Here it is in a nutshell: I'm a stressed out, tired overworked mother to two boys ages 4 & 5.2. Ok, that could describe anyone who also has two little boys, or girls 18 months apart. However, I also have two rescued dogs. A Black Labrador mix, and a Chihuahua x Papillon mix also. Let's call it four kids in total, shall we? Add in the fact that I take care of my kids 90% of the time. We are Vegan, I volunteer my time for several groups online, run my own Etsy shop, photoGEEK regularly, and I also wrench upon my own cars (with my husband) you could say, I'm a pretty busy person. Frazzled! Did I mention I'm also writing a book, and putting together a Photography portfolio as I'm hoping to get a Coffee Table Book Published. Yes, I'm interested if a Gallery would like to sell some of my Photography on Consignment.

Since my husband also works a hard, sometimes laborious job, we tend to buy a lot of pre-made Vegan/Veg items (hubby kids, are 'almost Vegan', cheese pizza keeps them from becoming 100& Vegan) I've been looking for ways to cut back on the pre-made burgers that we buy. It's in the range of $3-5 for a box of 4 veggy burgers. INSANE! Just seems crazy. For less than $10 I could make a ton of them myself. Watch out, DIY runs in my family. I've been known to say DIY Gallops in my family.

So this evening, I decided I'd try my hand at making up a recipe for Spicy black bean veggy burgers. I have already made chick pea burgers last weekend, with great results. They were delicious. My 4 year old son helped me.. and was eating it off of a spoon raw, he liked it so much.

Spicy black bean burgers

I took rice, boiled it, spiced it (garlic & onion powder, a tiny amount of sea salt & black pepper.) and mixed it into Amy's Organic re fried Spicy Black Bean paste. You could use old El paso also. Or you could take black beans in a can, and mix spices into them and mash them or blenderize them. If you're Vegetarian you could add an egg, if you wish. Then I took frozen mixed vegetables and mixed them into the rice and bean mixture. I did a 50-50 amounts. You could use less frozen veggies if you wish, or use fresh cooked veggies, or even raw shredded carrots and other shredded veggies. That might be something I try when we run out of these ones.

As you can see with the 50-50 amounts, it does have a tendency to fall apart easily. But, you're gonna chew & swallow it in a few minutes anyway. First you need to line a pan with tin-foil, spray it with cooking spray,and then bake it on 350 degrees in a pre-heated oven for about 10 minutes each side to brown them. My kids love theirs on toasted bread, veganaise, tomato slices and some lettuce. (Yes, they love their veggies. Hard not to ain't nutting else to eat around here ;)

Spicy Black Bean Burgers, homemade

Then with the leftover rice I mixed 1 c water, 1/2 c soy milk, sprinkling of cinnamon, sprinkling of raw sugar, and a splash of vanilla. Mixed it all up & put it on the stove for a few minutes to simmer. Covered the pan and let it sit for 20 minutes or so. It's a little watery looking in this photo. I like it this way. You could add cornstarch to it, to thicken it, make it more pudding like. I don't like to do this. I find the least amounts of processed items (esp corn) in my food, the better my stomach and complexion, and body, and energy level is. I'm not yet a Raw Vegan Foodie, but I do eat that way from time to time, and try to keep things stripped down as possible. Altho I'm not opposed to adding Cocoa powder to it from time to time.

Vegan rice pudding.... from scratch

I also make up my own Vegan Chai. Very easy to steep tea, and add in a few extra spices to it. Cinnamon sticks, couple cloves, a little vanilla, and some raw sugar. Very easy. Since my husband is a peanut butter freak, I always have extra cleaned containers on hand to package up the Chai into. Hubby prefers coffee, believe me we have plenty of containers for the coffee to be made up in advance also. So much better than purchased elsewhere.
Homemade Chai

I'm doing all this to save money, and to spend less of it unnecessarily. WHY? So, I can purchase MORE cool handmade items on of course.

Dinner was awesome! Now it's bedtime! I'm beat.

XOXO Heather :)

Bang yer head..

Me and My Clone

It's been well over two years since having a real, actual haircut for me. Taking care of my kids has been literally non-stop, since they were born. I haven't found a babysitter YET worthy of watching them. No offense to the many people, we've had watch them. (we had one good one, she got away, college) You can't pay to get good help these days. I mean $10-15 an hour, for 3 hours.. ought to bring in some good help IMO. Considering you get to play with two fun loving boys, and their toys. Apparently, nowadays, babysitting equals watching them watch the tube, even, when I stress I want ONLY educational things going on when I'm not here. IE: writing, colouring, play-do, sink and float, walking, playing in the yard, etc. Last sitter we had.. I left them with her for 3 hours. I came home to HOLY HELL. I'm not being facetious, or joking around in saying this. I left her with a clean {IMMACULATE} house, my house was a complete wreck, when I returned. It was as if my kids climbed the walls the moment, I left the premises. They were a wreck emotionally too. Yet, they still liked the sitter, so I gather she was fine with the kids. Just not quick enough on the fly to maybe sit down and get to know the kids. Let them get to know, and like her. OY.

I'm excited for the upcoming School season, yet, I'm extremely petrified too. This will be the first time my eldest son has been away from me for any extended period of time, with a stranger. IE: teacher. I'm certain there will be a **&&%%$$### adjustment period for the both of us.

I just hope never to go 365 days x2 before getting a haircut again. The hairdresser had to take off 4 inches of dead weight. YIKES!

--Heather :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

First photo of the morning..


Looks like a very pleasant day ahead. Time to wake up my sleeping sons & wander down the lane, to the beach. Have a great day out there!! Cheers! --Heather :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I've taken out an ad..

Orange u glad?

First is a dud. Letters are too small, to be seen at the 150x100 size.

second try..

I'd say this one is better. --Heather :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Brrrrrr Great CHILLY toads..

Brrrrr. Tis' rather chilly..

Hubby saw this guy on the front patio, and told me about it. I of course ran for the camera. Poor guy looks so chilly. I was tempted to get him a sweater. Felt like it was 50*F last night. So cold here in the boonies, with all the old growth forest trees around. I'm not complaining or anything. We love the area. Just having a rather cool summer. Wonder if the snakes need parkas.

--Heather :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is why WE don't eat Animals..

Tonight, in my house we read a new story, before our bedtime. "That's Why We Don't Eat Animals", By Ruby Roth. Both of my sons (ages 4 & 5.2) listened in. They both liked and equally disliked the story. Parts they liked: Were the happy parts where the animals were allowed to be themselves, and run free, and enjoy their families. Just like we humans are allowed to do. The parts they disliked, were the parts where the animals were overcrowded in their own filth and kept caged and all alone. Both sons were sad about these parts of the story.

"That's why we don't eat animals."

As a Mother, I also thought the book was sad, in parts. But, the message important. {I've seen the PETA videos, this was much easier to take.} Still it was sad seeing it from the viewpoint children understand. Overall I liked the message. The photos aren't graphic or scary. Rather, most of the photos are lovely, and happy and picturesque. I liked the way it was gently written, to explain it but, not to show you too much reality. Just enough to give you the idea. I really liked the ending message, it gave me hope. I love PETA, don't get me wrong. Without them, I'd never have learned the horrible truth. However, I like this simple, softer way of explaining things better, because, I feel sometimes scaring people too much, can SHOCK them into non-action. Non-action is way worse, than doing something. Even a tiny change like Meat Free Mondays.

Shocking into non-action is not always good plan, if you want change and a better planet for your kids to grow up on. I really liked Ruby Roth's new book. I enjoyed it, even if it was a little sad at times. There were plenty of instances of happiness in it, and I feel it's an important message our future, one that ALL of our children need to hear. The end is my favourite part. I won't tell you about it. I will let you read it for yourself and find out. It gives me great hopes for the future.

Thank you, Ruby. I know why I don't eat animals. Now my kids understand it a little bit better without scaring them, or shocking them. Thank you, I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful book!

XOXO Heather :)

Kenda swimming..

Kenda goes swimming!

--Heather :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Help a Etsian find her Missing Dad..

Taken from the etsy forums:
knittergirl says:
Hi guys,

I know this is going to sound like another bogus chain email but I assure you that it is not. I personally dont know how I am keeping it together at the moment.

My father has gone missing and I need help.

I know that sometimes sending out messages like this can help locate people. I am asking for any help at this point. Someone might have seen him.

The police is not really doing anything about it other than just reporting it as a missing person. The best part about all of this is that his cell phone is on and I know that they could do a tracking on it to locate him. They cant do anything without a court order which I am going to try and get, before his cell battery dies.

My father left Thursday 7/9/09 morning @ 7:45am to go to a job and never made it to the job. The job called the person who booked him the job and said that he never showed up.

He left from the Van Nuys area. Major cross streets Woodman & Victory. His destination was to be in Hollywood at the Gower Studios at Sunset & Gower.

My Father's License plate number from the car he was driving.CA 3GPJ453 1993 White Geo Metro
He was driving a white 1994 Geo Metro. My father is the type of person that is right to the point so he would have just taken the most obvious route. Victory to the 170 to the 101 to Gower. But at this point who knows. He is also the type of person that wouldn't really go somewhere with out telling someone. Its like he just disappeared into thin air.

Name: Robert Korda
Age: 69 Height: 5'5"
He is in good health

Any info would be great since we are at a total loss. We have contacted all the hospitals and police stations and there has been no one with his description at all. This is why I am now going to cyberspace since it seems that normal channels are not helping.

Any info can be emailed to me @ findrobertk [!at]

As much as I would love emails that say Im sorry for your loss, please do not send this kind of emails to the email account or to this post. Thank you for this your understanding.

Any info that can help would be greatly appreciated. My family is a mess right now and we dont know what else to do. You can repost this to other groups if you need to.

Posted at 12:45 pm, July 10 2009 EST - Report this post

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kenda would like to meet you..

I'd like to you to please turn your attention to the etsyveg blog. {Link below}

For a few moments, and visit with one my favourite furry friends.

Thank you very much, Heather :)

Kenda the Polar Bear

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Digital Kaleidoscope ..

This is a digital kaleidoscope from one of my morning glory flower photos. It's amazing what a computer program can come up with. Just something fun to look at, it's also a new listing on etsy. I can't stop creating. Does anyone else feel this way? I feel like I'm constantly making something or creating something.. or coming up with something to do next. Maybe my brain is stuck in overdrive.

--Heather :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's raining and thundering again..

Instead of whining about the rain.
I'm going to LOOK at this photo & enjoy
the view from last evening.
Accentuate the positive. Ignoring the negative.

When it rains... bring out this photo!

--Heather :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Make sure to flip every 15 minutes for even baking..

Make sure to flip every 15 minutes for even baking..

Suntanning, that is.

I'm now working on a new subject matter. Besides the usual suspects. Nature, animals, flowers, cars, etc. I'm also doing some macro or closeup shots of wee tiny funny guys, toys, etc.. taken in various locales. See the flickr group: Roaming Gnomes and other creatures for some examples. I of course have to take it one step further and try to make it hilarious. Or funny, at the very least.

Anyway this is photo number one. (above) My flickr account :aktie9 also has a couple more shots. More on the way of course.

These tweets, as they are called were purchased on
A very nice girl, who shares my first name, creates them in her spare time. Lovely, lovelies and really cute eco-toys. My Mom has adopted (stolen) one of mine. The pink one. My sons BEG me to let them use the rest of the brood, when I'm not busy with them. I think another order, is in order, very soon. I'd rather they play with wooden toys anyway. Less is more when it comes to plastic junk rotting in a landfill.

--Heather :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Rrrrrrrrrocket Dog!!!!!!!!!!!

Rocket dog shoes..

These shoes are so damn comfortable. Let me say that again to make sure you heard me. These shoes are SO DAMN Comfortable. Well worth every penny of the almost $30 I spent on them. I was able to wear them all day, on the very first day of getting them! I love them lots. They are Vegan too! Buying only Vegan shoes is one of my MUST -DO's forever and ever. There is no need to kill something so I look good. So in this new leaf of my life. I'm very happy to find these shoes. So far my Vegan shoes have been limited to Wal-mart purchases. I love those too. But, these are the best so far. I'm still waiting for my order from Charmone'. A company that has all Vegan shoes. But, those are much more dressy type shoes. (Plus, the Charmone' shoes I purchased on sale are backordered) I needed something relaxed and less formal. Every day wear that is strong and durable for walking in the woods, road, beach, water. etc. Something akin to a Timex watch. These Rocket Dog shoes, fit the bill. I want more ! --Heather :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Before you go making HUGE changes..

Possum playing um Possum your life. Think about this thought here: "Baby steps have the most effect long term." --HHO-09

Small steps make the biggest difference. The most long lasting changes. So if you want to become Vegetarian go about it slowly. Simply add more veggies to your diet first. Try Tofurkey instead of the traditional faire. If you want to stop wearing leather, add a new pair of Vegan shoes into your collection. Do something small. Keep plugging away, step by step, day by day. Baby steps. I've taken some steps myself. I'm Vegan, wearing leather shoes still. But, I stopped purchasing leather. I still have the leather. But, now I buy only Vegan shoes.

I'm getting there, step by step.. bit by bit. Little by little. So far the changes are sticking with me. I'm Gluten free also. I had to do this change a little bit faster than I liked, due to a digestion issue. So that one was a tough change. But, I now have a bread machine. I also recently found a Soy based flour that when baked stays soft, even after two or three days. So it's getting easier.

Here's to you & the baby steps you take today!

XOXO --Heather :)

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