Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bang yer head..

Me and My Clone

It's been well over two years since having a real, actual haircut for me. Taking care of my kids has been literally non-stop, since they were born. I haven't found a babysitter YET worthy of watching them. No offense to the many people, we've had watch them. (we had one good one, she got away, college) You can't pay to get good help these days. I mean $10-15 an hour, for 3 hours.. ought to bring in some good help IMO. Considering you get to play with two fun loving boys, and their toys. Apparently, nowadays, babysitting equals watching them watch the tube, even, when I stress I want ONLY educational things going on when I'm not here. IE: writing, colouring, play-do, sink and float, walking, playing in the yard, etc. Last sitter we had.. I left them with her for 3 hours. I came home to HOLY HELL. I'm not being facetious, or joking around in saying this. I left her with a clean {IMMACULATE} house, my house was a complete wreck, when I returned. It was as if my kids climbed the walls the moment, I left the premises. They were a wreck emotionally too. Yet, they still liked the sitter, so I gather she was fine with the kids. Just not quick enough on the fly to maybe sit down and get to know the kids. Let them get to know, and like her. OY.

I'm excited for the upcoming School season, yet, I'm extremely petrified too. This will be the first time my eldest son has been away from me for any extended period of time, with a stranger. IE: teacher. I'm certain there will be a **&&%%$$### adjustment period for the both of us.

I just hope never to go 365 days x2 before getting a haircut again. The hairdresser had to take off 4 inches of dead weight. YIKES!

--Heather :)
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