Thursday, July 2, 2009

Before you go making HUGE changes..

Possum playing um Possum your life. Think about this thought here: "Baby steps have the most effect long term." --HHO-09

Small steps make the biggest difference. The most long lasting changes. So if you want to become Vegetarian go about it slowly. Simply add more veggies to your diet first. Try Tofurkey instead of the traditional faire. If you want to stop wearing leather, add a new pair of Vegan shoes into your collection. Do something small. Keep plugging away, step by step, day by day. Baby steps. I've taken some steps myself. I'm Vegan, wearing leather shoes still. But, I stopped purchasing leather. I still have the leather. But, now I buy only Vegan shoes.

I'm getting there, step by step.. bit by bit. Little by little. So far the changes are sticking with me. I'm Gluten free also. I had to do this change a little bit faster than I liked, due to a digestion issue. So that one was a tough change. But, I now have a bread machine. I also recently found a Soy based flour that when baked stays soft, even after two or three days. So it's getting easier.

Here's to you & the baby steps you take today!

XOXO --Heather :)
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