Friday, July 31, 2009

My Mosquito Control Tag Team

Al CaToad (boost)

spring peeper (boosted)

Greenie "Flippers" McNabb (colour boost, on picnik)

From the top we have Al CaToad, Red 'The Nefarious' Murphy, and Green *Flipper's* McNabb. These are three amphibians that my husband saw last evening out front of our house. In fact we've seen Al CaToad a few dozen times, now. Apparently he's quite the fellow. Hubby saw him hopping down our driveway after three other toads and ribbiting at them. Since only the males make noise, I'm guessing he is a little territorial of our abode, and the bugs we have here. Somehow or other these two other frog's are allowed to live here peacefully with him. Maybe they go after different bugs, than he is after. Anyway less is more as far as mosquitos go.
There are certainly less bugs hanging about. Or at least they don't tend to stay very long.

When you come to visit us, just be careful by the front door. This is their fav hangout. We have decided to leave things in the front yard as is for them. At my best guess, the first is a regular old New England brown toad. The reddish one is a Spring peeper. I'm guessing the green one might be a baby leopard frog, but, I could be mistaken. If you know, please post the answer in the comments section.

Enjoy! Thanks for looking, Heather :)

Admin note: These were taken in the dead of night. I have a ISO camera which helped with the flash & getting the shot to even be viewable. I also edited these photos, in because they were so boring. The originals can be viewed in my flickr account, check out aktie9 on :)
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