Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is why WE don't eat Animals..

Tonight, in my house we read a new story, before our bedtime. "That's Why We Don't Eat Animals", By Ruby Roth. Both of my sons (ages 4 & 5.2) listened in. They both liked and equally disliked the story. Parts they liked: Were the happy parts where the animals were allowed to be themselves, and run free, and enjoy their families. Just like we humans are allowed to do. The parts they disliked, were the parts where the animals were overcrowded in their own filth and kept caged and all alone. Both sons were sad about these parts of the story.

"That's why we don't eat animals."

As a Mother, I also thought the book was sad, in parts. But, the message important. {I've seen the PETA videos, this was much easier to take.} Still it was sad seeing it from the viewpoint children understand. Overall I liked the message. The photos aren't graphic or scary. Rather, most of the photos are lovely, and happy and picturesque. I liked the way it was gently written, to explain it but, not to show you too much reality. Just enough to give you the idea. I really liked the ending message, it gave me hope. I love PETA, don't get me wrong. Without them, I'd never have learned the horrible truth. However, I like this simple, softer way of explaining things better, because, I feel sometimes scaring people too much, can SHOCK them into non-action. Non-action is way worse, than doing something. Even a tiny change like Meat Free Mondays.

Shocking into non-action is not always good plan, if you want change and a better planet for your kids to grow up on. I really liked Ruby Roth's new book. I enjoyed it, even if it was a little sad at times. There were plenty of instances of happiness in it, and I feel it's an important message our future, one that ALL of our children need to hear. The end is my favourite part. I won't tell you about it. I will let you read it for yourself and find out. It gives me great hopes for the future.

Thank you, Ruby. I know why I don't eat animals. Now my kids understand it a little bit better without scaring them, or shocking them. Thank you, I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful book!

XOXO Heather :)
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