Friday, July 3, 2009

Rrrrrrrrrocket Dog!!!!!!!!!!!

Rocket dog shoes..

These shoes are so damn comfortable. Let me say that again to make sure you heard me. These shoes are SO DAMN Comfortable. Well worth every penny of the almost $30 I spent on them. I was able to wear them all day, on the very first day of getting them! I love them lots. They are Vegan too! Buying only Vegan shoes is one of my MUST -DO's forever and ever. There is no need to kill something so I look good. So in this new leaf of my life. I'm very happy to find these shoes. So far my Vegan shoes have been limited to Wal-mart purchases. I love those too. But, these are the best so far. I'm still waiting for my order from Charmone'. A company that has all Vegan shoes. But, those are much more dressy type shoes. (Plus, the Charmone' shoes I purchased on sale are backordered) I needed something relaxed and less formal. Every day wear that is strong and durable for walking in the woods, road, beach, water. etc. Something akin to a Timex watch. These Rocket Dog shoes, fit the bill. I want more ! --Heather :)
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