Saturday, July 18, 2009

Spicy Black Bean Burgers.. from scratch..

Here it is in a nutshell: I'm a stressed out, tired overworked mother to two boys ages 4 & 5.2. Ok, that could describe anyone who also has two little boys, or girls 18 months apart. However, I also have two rescued dogs. A Black Labrador mix, and a Chihuahua x Papillon mix also. Let's call it four kids in total, shall we? Add in the fact that I take care of my kids 90% of the time. We are Vegan, I volunteer my time for several groups online, run my own Etsy shop, photoGEEK regularly, and I also wrench upon my own cars (with my husband) you could say, I'm a pretty busy person. Frazzled! Did I mention I'm also writing a book, and putting together a Photography portfolio as I'm hoping to get a Coffee Table Book Published. Yes, I'm interested if a Gallery would like to sell some of my Photography on Consignment.

Since my husband also works a hard, sometimes laborious job, we tend to buy a lot of pre-made Vegan/Veg items (hubby kids, are 'almost Vegan', cheese pizza keeps them from becoming 100& Vegan) I've been looking for ways to cut back on the pre-made burgers that we buy. It's in the range of $3-5 for a box of 4 veggy burgers. INSANE! Just seems crazy. For less than $10 I could make a ton of them myself. Watch out, DIY runs in my family. I've been known to say DIY Gallops in my family.

So this evening, I decided I'd try my hand at making up a recipe for Spicy black bean veggy burgers. I have already made chick pea burgers last weekend, with great results. They were delicious. My 4 year old son helped me.. and was eating it off of a spoon raw, he liked it so much.

Spicy black bean burgers

I took rice, boiled it, spiced it (garlic & onion powder, a tiny amount of sea salt & black pepper.) and mixed it into Amy's Organic re fried Spicy Black Bean paste. You could use old El paso also. Or you could take black beans in a can, and mix spices into them and mash them or blenderize them. If you're Vegetarian you could add an egg, if you wish. Then I took frozen mixed vegetables and mixed them into the rice and bean mixture. I did a 50-50 amounts. You could use less frozen veggies if you wish, or use fresh cooked veggies, or even raw shredded carrots and other shredded veggies. That might be something I try when we run out of these ones.

As you can see with the 50-50 amounts, it does have a tendency to fall apart easily. But, you're gonna chew & swallow it in a few minutes anyway. First you need to line a pan with tin-foil, spray it with cooking spray,and then bake it on 350 degrees in a pre-heated oven for about 10 minutes each side to brown them. My kids love theirs on toasted bread, veganaise, tomato slices and some lettuce. (Yes, they love their veggies. Hard not to ain't nutting else to eat around here ;)

Spicy Black Bean Burgers, homemade

Then with the leftover rice I mixed 1 c water, 1/2 c soy milk, sprinkling of cinnamon, sprinkling of raw sugar, and a splash of vanilla. Mixed it all up & put it on the stove for a few minutes to simmer. Covered the pan and let it sit for 20 minutes or so. It's a little watery looking in this photo. I like it this way. You could add cornstarch to it, to thicken it, make it more pudding like. I don't like to do this. I find the least amounts of processed items (esp corn) in my food, the better my stomach and complexion, and body, and energy level is. I'm not yet a Raw Vegan Foodie, but I do eat that way from time to time, and try to keep things stripped down as possible. Altho I'm not opposed to adding Cocoa powder to it from time to time.

Vegan rice pudding.... from scratch

I also make up my own Vegan Chai. Very easy to steep tea, and add in a few extra spices to it. Cinnamon sticks, couple cloves, a little vanilla, and some raw sugar. Very easy. Since my husband is a peanut butter freak, I always have extra cleaned containers on hand to package up the Chai into. Hubby prefers coffee, believe me we have plenty of containers for the coffee to be made up in advance also. So much better than purchased elsewhere.
Homemade Chai

I'm doing all this to save money, and to spend less of it unnecessarily. WHY? So, I can purchase MORE cool handmade items on of course.

Dinner was awesome! Now it's bedtime! I'm beat.

XOXO Heather :)
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