Monday, August 24, 2009

It's neck an neck??

This is what the polls for my blog giveaway have shown so far:

Stationary 8 40%
A mug 5 25%
Stickers 3 15%
Collage 2 10%
T-shirt 1 5%
Poster 1 5%

I will leave the poll up till tomorrow around lunchtime. Then I will take it down.

I'm quite pleased with the polls, so far. My last blog giveaway idea was a bust. I wanted to have folks help me re-name my photos. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, guess no matter how you type it.. it was just a boring idea? Or it was just too diffifult to come up with titles, for other folks items, it's hard for me, so I understand.

So far stationary looks like the favorite. Plus it's very doable. I know several printing places that do it. Or I could handmake my own, which, I would of course prefer. If you leave me a comment telling me which you prefer. I will put the everyone's number into a number generator and blindly choose a winner for some
stationary. The only problem I see is stationary is a catch word. Covers a lot of various items. Notebooks, writing paper, cards etc. So please, let me know what you like the best. Unless of course, mugs win. In that case you can tell me what you'd like on the mug & I will do the same number generator thing & blindly pick a winner!

Thank you for your time. Heather :)
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