Sunday, August 23, 2009

Up close and personal..

Up frog and personal..2

I've read that frogs are like canaries in a coal mine. They are super sensitive to their environment, due in part to their highly porous skin and membranes. This means when something is wrong in the eco-system you don't see very many of them around.

Happy to report I'm seeing a plethora of frogs in my surroundings. This lucky little guy was found by me when I went to shake out my bench cushion. He fell/jumped to the ground and flattened himself. I thought he was dead at first. He must have gone into the *play dead* mode, since, he didn't look like he was even breathing. Then he jumped. I knew he was fine. I took a few close up pictures of him since I've been catologing all the animals around my home this year.

After we were done with the photographs. He was let go in my garden. A good place since there are tons of bugs there needing to be eaten.

--Heather :)

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