Thursday, September 17, 2009

Freebie Time!

google sites 1st official photo free download

Hey all my fans & friends, I have created a google sites page just for you. It's a page where you can go and click, copy and save my photos for absolutely nothing. You dont have to leave me a comment or even thank me. It's purely for our collective enjoyment. I've long wanted to be able to sell them online & I do get to do that. I've gotten some wonderful feedback there. I'm also in a etsy street team or two or three & I love the feedback they have all given me. So I wanted to give them all a present to thank them & you too internet traveler are more than welcome to take, download, print, copy, and share my photo. I will change the photo on a monthly basis, perhaps even sooner. It is a work in progress so please *bear* with me. I would love feedback either on the google sites page, or leave me a comment here.

Thanks so much & enjoy! -- Heather :)

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Fine print: Can't be re-sold on etsy, online or offline.
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