Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer is nearing the end..

My creation

Before I had a kiddo headed off to school. September would roll around and still be nice weather wise. I would be all haughty and all *we still have summer vacation left* Hah, hah, hah, you go have fun @ skool. Now, it's different. It feels like the end of a long run of partying or something. Now it's all over. School begins in the AM. First thing in the AM. I haven't done much more than hang out with a mug o' strong tea & a couple of kiddos and watched PBS or played in the sandbox or done something relaxing, first thing in the morning, for the last five years. Now, I'm going to be hustling kids out the door, and strapping leashes on the dogs and waiting for the big yellow bus to come along. The yellow bus. A kid dressed and pressed for school. Two of them in fact. One will begin Pre-k next week going in for two days a week. Then it will be me, a chihuahua, and a labrador. I know I can find something to keep me busy. I'm not worried about that. Just going to be quiet. TOO QUIET. Going to have to set an alarm so I don't forget while I'm soaking in the tub to get dressed and meet the bus. ;0 I'm actually going to be able to hear my thoughts, without constant chipmunk chatter going on in the backround, or better yet.. right next to me at FULL BOAR VOLUME. yeah, my kids aren't the shy insolent kind. They can be. But, since I've known them they have been full on down in the dirt let's make mud pies and smash cars boys. Strange kids. I liked my matchbox cars kept shiny. Their's look like they are from the 1970's found at a garage sale, and for the most part all have been bought in the last 5 years or so. Not even, closer to three years old.

So I gave birth to not one, but two wrecking ball, construction crew, mud pie slinging boys & I SURVIVED. Well, flourished actually. They've quite literally kept me alive. Kept me from the doldrums that riddled me previously to having them come into my life. They kept me sane. They forced me to get outta my element and meet people. They breathed life into me. I'm deaf in one ear. But, my kids are the best thing that ever happened to me. Guess I'm gonna hafta get used to partying with them the minute they come home. Or perhaps, just sitting on the couch and hugging them tight for hours, when they come home. Roosky LOVES his new swingset!

As if. It's not like we can sit still for a minute. Let alone hours. ;)

Have fun at school boys. I'll miss ya every second of the day.

XOXO Mommy :)
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