Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Recipe for the Etsyveg Veg Day Project

Can of chick peas, or more for a crowd.
1/4 cup Veganaise
Onion Powder
Sea salt & pepper to taste
Sprinkle of fresh dill
Mesculin lettuce or sometimes called California lettuce mix.
Shredded carrot
Brown rice wrap

=Gluten free & vegan lunch & yummy!

You can mash the chick peas or even blenderize them, if you like. I just mixed them with the mayo and the spices and placed them onto the wrap with the lettuce and shredded carrots rolled it up and devoured it. It was perfecto & hit the spot.

People often look aghast at me when I mention I'm vegan. I wasn't always vegan & I will admit to liking a fair number of meat incorporated meals, mostly seafood. Tuna fish was one of my favs as a kid. Before we knew any better about the mercury or overfished seas. I was really missing having it as a sandwich. When I open a can of chick peas. I was always reminded of the tuna sandwich. Something about the smell just reminded me of it. I found a recipe online via facebook & decided to strip it down some. I'm very into bland foods. Tasty yes.. but mild in spicing. So this is perfect. I really liked the texture too. Plus, it's not anything *wierd* I mean.. you HAVE had chick peas before, right? Chick peas mashed up with garlic = hummus.

Anyway, it was a awesome and delicious. Just because you aren't vegan, doesn't mean you can't try it once in a while. No one has to know about it. I mean you do eat apples plain right? That's technically eating vegan, if you wanna be honest.

Try it. No one will get hurt, I promise. --Heather :)
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