Monday, October 12, 2009

Blog Interview with:

Name: Dawn Garini
Demographic: Adults, parents, grandparents
Fav item: The yellow sub is one of my favorites.
Passion: LOVE to paint, having fun developing a successful product line...weeding....creating replacements, adjusting
Sets us apart: Our hand painted clocks are not only hand painted in the USA, but also made from recycled records.

Plans: Keep doing what I'm doing, grow, add another artist or two.
Discount: I'd just advise to check our announcements for the special of the week....always something cool for everybody...sometimes a style, or free never know.

Love to listen to music....New Wave 70s mostly...Hall and Oates, The Cure, Pink Floyd, Stones, Robert Plant, Robert Palmer, Also love local favorite, Brooks Williams.

My big causes: Get business back into the USA instead of China by spending locally instead of at Walmart, Keeping tabs on the costly mistakes our government makes (almost a full-time job in itself), composting and recycling everything possible, saving money (almost another full-time job).

I had a girl to help, but she moved to Boston. She was WONNNDERFUL ! She did all the stuff I hate to do with a smile on her face, and we liked the same music. I miss her.

This year, I will hire out to have my house cleaned and shopping done, so I can work like a nut through the holidays. From early November to end of January is straight-out for me. I have been building up stock all year, but it won't be enough. I'm much more exposed this year, with clocks on Amazon, Ebay, Sephari International, and about another dozen smaller sites. I will be very busy very soon.

Thank you Dawn for taking the time to *talk* to us today. I love your items. The Yellow Submarine is my fav too. Very nicely detailed and very pretty. The colourful clocks are just so much fun. Everyone please also check out Dawn's secondary site: bearlyarttreasures

XOXO Heather :)
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