Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Etsyveg's Recycling, Upcycling Challenge..

What does a film canister, an envelope, a brown paper bag, some black plastic netting bag, spiced scented candle bits, and a wine cork all have in common?

Spice candle pieces

What, no ideas? Yeah, me either. ;) It's all a part of Etsyveg's Recycling Challenge, a project that was created by yours truly. Yours truly, has received her items today, and has no idea whatsoever to do with them. I'm stumped. Good and truly well stumped...

wine cork

Actually that's not quite true. I've got ideas. Lots and lots of ideas. One idea is a taking each of the pieces and gluing them to some ring backs that I have kicking around. Like for example, take the fabric and sew it into a pillow and add it to a ring somehow using the scented wax as a sachet inside or something like that. Then use the lunchbag and the envelope and decorate it and draw on it, and laminate it, and then glue it to another ring. Or a pendant even. Or even as the backing for the first ring.. you know for sitting it on if it were to be sold or gifted. Giving it something solid to sit upon. Or maybe a pin..


I'm not sure yet. The ideas are many. I'm also considering using the fabric, melting the wax. And doing some resist dye thing with it, and the sewing the fabric into a purse or a little change purse or a wallet. Perhaps even framing the fabric once it's done, and using the envelope and the brown paper bag behind the fabric to give it crinkle and depth when framed.


Then there is the netting. Everyone has a piece of this netting kicking around. You know you do. I happen to have been gifted a black piece. I also have a orange piece and a green piece that I have saved. I always save a piece.. but, never know quite what to do with it. Certainly I could use it behind that resist dyed fabric also.


The envelope is stumping me a bit.. except hiding it with the other stuff, if I were to frame the fabric. However, if I just used the glassine window....I could make some sort of mosaic underneath it. I think I need to think a little bit more...


This Challenge is making me think. I do believe this was part and parcel to the whole idea. To think about the things we think of as trash. What if we had to find something to do with our trash type items? What if we didn't have places to send it all. Barring the real stinky garbage of course. What if the reusable stuff had to be saved, because, we couldn't throw it away, simply for a lack of room reason. What then? What would you do it? What would you do with these items? Or items like them?

Paper bag

I keep coming back to the ring idea. Somehow I want to create a ring with each of the items or even some of them added together. But, I want it saleable, as in quality. Not neccesarily will I sell it. But, I might show it somewhere. Certainly will show it online. So I do want things to be nice and wearable. Hmm more rumination is needed.


If you have ideas, feel free to leave a comment. Wanna to join in with us? Find five items you normally throw away. Try to use them in a art project. Check out the etsyveg blog for our guidelines to get ideas.

Have fun & recycle! XOXO Heather :)

*This Challenge, was inspired by this Contest here.
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