Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just a thought about cancer, and autism and toxins we ingest..

I believe there are really sensitive folks out there, Folks like me. IE: My Gluten Free and Veganism. Who are like canaries in a coal mine, for lack of a better description. Folks like us pick up on toxins and poisons far easier than other folks. Then we get issues or problems from it, and end up getting sick or in some cases dead.

Folks like us are a beacon, a red light, a warning sign. Something is seriously wrong with our way of life, our planet and the toxins we are using.

Now we have another red light, The bees. My husband read a article in Mother Earth News, recently. There was an update on the CCD of the bees. (ccd= colony colapse disorder) Apparently it's the toxins they are using, spraying on the fields that are killing them off. If they are killing off the bees, and ruining the hives.. what is it going to do to us longterm? Not just in the no food to eat angle. But, the toxin angle. If the bees are sick, what's going on with their HONEY?

How many toxins are in the honey? Good question. We don't eat honey here any longer. But, we do eat veggies that are produced in the same way, as honey, from the planet. We really need far more organic foods for people. Most people it takes years, and years to build up toxins in their bodies to give them cancers... or illnesses like that, that end up eventually killing them. Some folks like little kids and others pick up on it a whole lot sooner.

Ding, ding, ding. It's time for change. I think and have read about anything that your body doesn't recognize as something it needs.. can eventually give you cancer. ANYTHING you ingest that isn't food.. or something your body recognizes or needs can make you ill. Sure, I might sound like poppycock.. but, that's just because they haven't voiced this in mass quantity as of yet.. it's a theory, and a good one considering the longest lived people on the planet, live in the rainforest, out of doors, and don't eat farmed, organic meat, or any meat in any real quantity, and don't ingest the kinds or amounts of toxins like we do. They certainly don't see a doctor, unless someone is studying them. Less equals more.

So I don't believe that MMR vaccine is the cause of Autism. I believe it's part of the problem, though. It's an additive so to speak. One more thing in a long line of crap that we are ingesting that is going to hurt us in the longterm.

One last thought: Our planet was fine, and had everything on it we ever needed before money, or big business decided to turn a profit. Getting back to the basics is the only way forward.

---Heather :/
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