Friday, October 23, 2009

My new siggy!


This is my new signature stamp. Made by terbearco. The <3 Heather O'Connor is new. The 3 Am Art Productions one is an earlier one I had her make for me. I was still signing my prints with a pen, and not liking it one bit. I have used several different pens, and had bad luck with them all. No matter what permanent ink I found... they were all smudging. Perhaps I was too impatient. It is one of my lesser qualities. But, when you sign a photograph it should be immediately dry IMHO. I had the Owl Stamp made to I could use it for advertising. Instead of a business card. I use a small photo and stamp the business card information onto it. Lo and behold: The stamping ink dries immediately. Just like the pen should.

So I had terbearco make another stamp. With my signature on it this time. I had her make it up pretty big. This way it works on the really large photos, since the really small photos just get the 3amart stamp anyway. It took me some time to decide. I kept writing my signature in cursive and I didn't like it. So it took several tries and finally I came up with a solution that made me happy. Just sign it regular. Why does it have to be cursive? Ask my 3rd Grade Elementary Teacher for me, will ya? I like it just written out better. Then I had the wild idea of adding the heart. A little <3 from me to you, in the mail.

XOXO <3 Heather :)
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