Saturday, November 7, 2009

Don't Box Me In..

box potential

If I have a box, I tend to let my kids play with it. To see what they will do with it. Usually it involves some cutting with scissors, gluing, maybe some glitter. A lot of the time they like to use it to house their toys.. or to carry around some books. It's always different, never the same thing twice. Sometimes it becomes a car, or a boat. Sometimes it's large enough that the kids fit inside it. Boy, do they like that. Then there is much decorating and deciding of what to put inside.. pillows, blankets, more toys.. Then, where are we going on our amazing journey??

There is much fun they can have with a small brown box. It is never brown at the end of all their work. It is all kinds of colours.. red, orange, green, yellow.. they cram as much as they can into the box & decorate with as many different colours as they can... it's incredible the intense study and thought that goes into it all.
I don't like to be boxed in.. nor do the stuffed animals. They love windows, and doors cut in so they can see the outside or climb through them.

I think about my kid's ingenuity and imagination when faced with any problem. There's a whole lot of options in a small tiny brown box. Plus most problems look better if you throw a little glitter on them. ;)

--Heather :)
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