Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just Getting Warmed Up..

"I'm packing you your angry eyes just in case." Mrs. Potato Head, Toy Story 2.

Telling the American Public to have faith, is akin to handing them some blinders to put on & saying.. "Now look over there at the HDTV while I sack, pillage and rape you." Maybe trust was the word I was going for in lieu of faith. But, it's generally the same thing isn't it?

I'm in such a sad state with the world today. With the way people are treated, cared for & put aside if they aren't needed or viable for tax/income reasons. The way we treat each other is in direct line with how we treat the world. People are sick, poisoning themselves with bad food, bad thoughts, toxic products, greed and envy and lust. Yet the next article that you read is how we are voting in a Christian person as a Leader. I don't know if others make this connection or if my musings are going overboard. But, I'm saddened the way things are run right now. We need to stop it. Change it. Care more. Work harder. Stop being so lazy. War? Why are we still at War? Why are there starving children anywhere on this planet? Why is it OK to put homeless animals to death on a minute to minute basis? Where is the turning of the other cheek? Where is the love, at all?

I'm not asking for perfection. I'm not expecting huge changes. I'm expecting more love to go around for everyone.

I'm caught in the undertow of a bad mood, I think. We need more happy to go around. I need to do something positive. I need to hear something positive.

I'll leave you with this one. A great positive change that has been made. Makes me feel better just reading about it. Here <3 seeing it made my day.

"Buck up little camper." "It will get better."

--Heather :)

Heather Beret..
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