Saturday, December 26, 2009

BUNDT CAKE a slice of heaven.

This Saturday morning, I whipped up a new recipe. Hot off the grill, so to speak. I decided to make a Bundt cake for the arrival of my Mother & Step-father & our Santa Celebration. We've a large extended family & celebrations often get dragged out. IE: My Birthday ends up sometimes being a Month long affair. (Unless I invite everyone to one party.) Which, I don't mind, not in the least. Much more CAKE the more we party way. ;)

So, I looked around in the fridge & cupboard. I found: Rice flour,vegan butter, cinnamon, baking soda, tofutti 'better than cream cheese', *and it is WAY better.* vanilla rice milk, organic whole cane sugar, and lastly fresh squeezed lemon & orange juice.

I took about 2.5 cups of the rice flour added the cinnamon & the b. soda and mixed it. I'm Vegan & Celiac so anything, I might be eating around the house, has to be #GlutenFree too. The entire container of the tofutti cream cheese & quickly microwaved it for 7 seconds just to warm it up, 1/2 stick of melted margarine, and mixed it in a bowl. I added in the rice milk, and then I squeezed a whole orange & a whole lemon into my juicer & then poured it into the mix of ingredients. I used my hand mixer to make sure the tofutti was fully mixed in. The batter ends up being reallllllllllly liquidy. But, since this is rice flour, this is doubly needed. Rice flour & rice pasta & rice anything needs liquid to stay soft & moist. So trust me this liquid is a good thing. Also the temperature to cook this definitely 325*F and no higher watch the cooking time too. When I bake with rice flour which is all the time, I cook it for 15 minutes. Then I come back & lt it cook about 12 minutes more. This is needed watching so it doesn't burn or cook it too long. Rice is very delicate to bake with. I have found the same thing with the rice noodles. Think you have TOO MUCH red sauce for the noodles, think again my friend. You can always have more moisture with rice.

When all the ingredients are mixed together, pour it into a bundt form. I've cooked in silicone, metal and Teflon. I used metal this time & I wiped canola oil all around the edges and then came back & wiped some of it off, so it wouldn't be too much or leave areas of the pan untouched by the batter & cook and make bubbles into the cakes shape.

Needless to say, the bundt cake was very very good. I was really proud of myself for pulling this one off. I used to make a similar one years ago, the recipe was huge and called for 12 egg whites & cream cheese. I'm very very pleased to announce this Vegan & Gluten free version reminded me like the old one I used to make, without the usage of eggs, at all. Or any butter.. geeez, I recall that old batter calling for tons and tons of butter. Now my recipe here isn't low fat by any stretch of the imagination. But, it's daaayam good when you need a Bundt fix. (Or bribery for non-vegans to give something new & different a whirl. You can't even tell.)

When the cake is cooled use some more vegan butter, organic powdered sugar & vanilla and whip up a quick glaze for it. I put in some yellow food colouring since the vegan margarine I have tends to make it that colour a little bit.. this just made it look a little sunnier. I sliced up some fresh kiwi, strawberries, and blueberries and decorated the top of the cake with them, after frosting it. One tip.. the next day maybe a drizzling of orange juice or agave nectar on the cake to give it some more softness. Or perhaps, warm it in the microwave & add a drizzle of vanilla milk if it's a little dry. Remember the rice my friend, the rice. (you could alternate for another flour type, if you like)

Priceless: My Mom & Step-dad loved it & begged for seconds!

Gluten free & vegan bundt cake

One alternate idea of mine: Simmer Pears in red wine, with sugar & spices to have warmed over the top of this Bundt cake. This is one of the parts of the old recipe that I could have had. But, I really liked the fresh fruit & while there is a wee bit of cake leftover. The fruit is all gone!!

--Heather :)
P.S: It was my Mom who suggested I post this recipe since, it was soooo yummy!
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