Friday, December 25, 2009

Q: Why is the Sky blue?

Why is the Sky blue?

A: Because the grass is green. {Or} A: Because puke green would be gross & depressing. ;)

I know there is a real, scientific reason, that is the answer to my question above. You can google it, if you'd like to.

My point in posting this query is: It seems to me, that this planet was made perfectly for us humans. You see the sunset & feel happy & warm inside. You see the blue skies and you lose feelings of sadness. You see too much dark and not enough sun, you begin to get sad and depressed. It's like it knows us or was made for us in mind. However, we aren't treating it all that nicely in return. Kind of unfair of us. Isn't it?

I like the view here..

Anything going on in the World that changes, or messes with nature, should be seriously considered first. We really ought to be more careful with nature. Upsetting the balance has already shown to be quite devastating. I fear for the future and I want to just tell people to be careful & take more care. Our lives hang in the balance on this little round sphere. One tiny change could toss things out of balance, and be irreparable. We need to take more care of our one, and only home.

Please pass these thoughts & ideals on. It means the World to me.

XOXO Heather :)
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