Friday, August 28, 2009

So stationary is the choice...

The Poll is closed now. The votes have been counted. It adds up to folks liking the idea of stationary of my artwork for the blog giveaway.

What does stationary mean to you? Cards, notebooks, pencils?? What do YOU think?
Please leave me your ideas in the comments section. Think eco-friendly, please. Cause that's how I roll. Thank you!

--Heather :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The results of my blog giveaway poll.

Stationary 9 votes = 39%

A mug 5 votes =22%

Stickers 3 votes =13%

T-shirt 2 votes =9%

Poster 2 votes =9%

Collage 2 votes =9%

+ One more for shirts, that was a last minute vote.

So I believe stationary is the winner. Now I get to decide which kind of stationary! I will be looking over and post some examples a little later on & show you some of my ideas, options I come up with and ask for another vote. That being said, I'm always open to custom orders in my shop & you can get any of the items voted on there. You only need to ask me to set up a listing. I would be more than happy to. Shop is here. Thank you all so much for taking the time out and voting! All my best, Heather :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's neck an neck??

This is what the polls for my blog giveaway have shown so far:

Stationary 8 40%
A mug 5 25%
Stickers 3 15%
Collage 2 10%
T-shirt 1 5%
Poster 1 5%

I will leave the poll up till tomorrow around lunchtime. Then I will take it down.

I'm quite pleased with the polls, so far. My last blog giveaway idea was a bust. I wanted to have folks help me re-name my photos. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, guess no matter how you type it.. it was just a boring idea? Or it was just too diffifult to come up with titles, for other folks items, it's hard for me, so I understand.

So far stationary looks like the favorite. Plus it's very doable. I know several printing places that do it. Or I could handmake my own, which, I would of course prefer. If you leave me a comment telling me which you prefer. I will put the everyone's number into a number generator and blindly choose a winner for some
stationary. The only problem I see is stationary is a catch word. Covers a lot of various items. Notebooks, writing paper, cards etc. So please, let me know what you like the best. Unless of course, mugs win. In that case you can tell me what you'd like on the mug & I will do the same number generator thing & blindly pick a winner!

Thank you for your time. Heather :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blog Giveaway Poll...

Shop is here. If you'd like to take a look at my photography.

Thank you, Heather :)

Boys love frogs..

Boys love frogs..

I would love to crop this closer so you can see the frog details. You will have to see the previous posting, for that. This one shows my two sons trying to catch the frog. They were unsuccessful. I think everyone was happy with that outcome. They both got to gently touch him and washed hands afterwards. (some reptiles & amphibians can cary salmonella on their skin) But, this photo really shows how much they love this little guy and thought he was cute. After the frog hopped away.. the boys did too. They went to their toy box and found a whole bunch of toy frogs and got playing. Then the endless questions began. Are they alive? What do they eat? Where do they live? What other kinds of frogs are there? There are BLUE frogs? Red? Yellow? I thank Al Gore daily for the Internet, as it took me seconds to answer all their questions. I love this part of childhood and raising children.

--Heather :)

Up close and personal..

Up frog and personal..2

I've read that frogs are like canaries in a coal mine. They are super sensitive to their environment, due in part to their highly porous skin and membranes. This means when something is wrong in the eco-system you don't see very many of them around.

Happy to report I'm seeing a plethora of frogs in my surroundings. This lucky little guy was found by me when I went to shake out my bench cushion. He fell/jumped to the ground and flattened himself. I thought he was dead at first. He must have gone into the *play dead* mode, since, he didn't look like he was even breathing. Then he jumped. I knew he was fine. I took a few close up pictures of him since I've been catologing all the animals around my home this year.

After we were done with the photographs. He was let go in my garden. A good place since there are tons of bugs there needing to be eaten.

--Heather :)

Ribbit  (WM)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saving Nigel..

A message from my Friend Susan, on facebook.

August 22, 2009

Hello friends,
As you might have seen on my Facebook page, Benny, a black Jindo-type dog was scheduled for euthanasia this past Thursday morning at Brooklyn Animal Care & Control but thanks to Kristen Edmonds of Treasured k9s, he was saved. He went to Kristen's home in NJ on Friday and will recover from his upper respiratory infection for a few days before he heads to his wonderful foster home in Belfast, Maine. Kristen and I are working together on Benny, now Nigel =), as he grabbed both our hearts and given his friendly, non-aggressive demeanor and relatively small size (28lbs - see pics) - did not deserve to be put down just for of course no dog does.

I send this to you to a) if you are interested in adopting him or can help with transport, by all means get in touch. or b) if you can contribute to help cover the costs to get Nigel to his new foster home in Maine that'd be outstanding. We are planning to pay someone to take him the 7 hour trip from NYC to Maine. I know it's a recession & I truly hate to ask but if everyone donated $5 we'd have no problem getting him to his 30 acre foster home in Maine asap. As you know, It takes money to save these wonderful pooches...

If you can contribute please send a check to:

Treasured k9s, Inc.
446 Albany Court
West New York, NJ 07093

You can also donate via Paypal at:

The Tax ID number for Treasured k9s is 26-2826165

With much love and much thanks,
Susan Cava

Susan Cava
Walk. Play. Woof.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Veg dinner is served!

Vegan Dinner Salad

Vegetarian Homemade Pizza

Chop chop chop, mix mix mix, stir stir stir.. cook cook cook..

Eat and then say YUM!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Good point.

Food for thought.. --Heather :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quick before it disappears..

veggy dinner salad 2

Snap a photo of it!

MMM delicious dinner salad. I used green leaf lettuce, steamed, spiced green peppers & onions, (leftover from last nights grilled veg dinner) fresh chopped tomatoes. I also added some fresh roasted corn, that I cut off the cob. I had some guacamole and put a small dollop of it on top. (you could add some corn chips, if you'd like.) I used some of the Vegan Monterey Jack cheese by Follow your heart. I sliced it up and added it right in. Topped it all off with homemade balsamic vinagrette dressing. Spices used for the steamed veggies were a mix of garlic, onion, vegan butter, and cayenne.

It was a very delicious! --Heather :)

Almost lost this photo..

green butterfly (watermarked)

This Macro Butterfly is of a Emerald Swallowtail Butterfly. The photo was shot in Deerfield Massachusetts, back in 2007. It was seen at The first shot of this photo was almost lost to us, and ruined. I had gotten my finger into the shot. I almost tossed it away, after seeing it up close the first time. But, for some reason I ended up keeping it. Later on I decided to see what would happen if I cropped out my finger, if there was enough of the butterfly left to be worthwhile for anything.
Sure enough it is now on my fav list of photos.

See it in my etsy shop, where 10% of sale goes to charity. Thanks for looking!

---Heather :)

Vote for Change, with your $.

Organic Agave Nectar

Voting for betterment in society can be easy. Sometimes even very tasty. Just do a little research & buy things that are better for the environment, or better for your health. Like buying organic items, instead of non-organic items. Sometimes it's as easy as swiping with a credit or ATM card. Cash is also welcomed.

This is my breakfast from the morning. We grilled some veggies and fruits last night for dinner. I made some pancakes this AM and warmed up the leftover fruits with a little bit of organic agave nectar. It was a simple & quick meal. I just sliced the fruits over the top of the cooled pancakes, added some smart balance vegan butter and agave nectar and microwaved the whole shooting match for a 10-12 seconds to warm it. Delish!

Yummmmmmmmmmmmmy :)

--Hugsnveggies XOXO Heather :)

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