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Rescued Pitty Puppy Needs HELP!

For Immediate Release:
December 29, 2009


Lorena Whiteside Nelson, Red Coral Public Relations

(619) 572-8564 or

Holiday dog rescue on track for a sad ending unless help comes quickly

Couple rescues dog from a certain death on a busy street in Turlock only to be faced with its possible euthanization despite exhausting all efforts to find a home for the healthy and friendly puppy.

turlock, CA , dec 29, 2009 – While visiting family in the Central Valley for the Christmas holiday, a Southern California couple crossed paths with a scared and frantic puppy running down the middle of a busy four lane road in Turlock , California . While cars raced by narrowly missing the frightened dog and making no effort to help the poor stray out, George and Lorena Nelson sprung into action. They were able to gain the male pups trust and coax him into the car with them. He thanked the couple with excited wet kisses and the nonstop thumping of his happy tail.

They took the friendly pit bull mix puppy back the home of Lorena's parents and began searching for its owner all the while fearing that the dog had been abandoned on the streets since he had no collar on and seemed a bit neglected. During their outreach to find its owners, they learned that dog abandonment was common in the Valley and on the rise in recent years with the decline of the economy and increase in foreclosures. The couple created and left flyers at all local veterinarians and wherever else they could post them up, put an ad in the local paper and on Craigslist and reached out to whoever they could find to help the puppy. Their efforts have produced no responses, only apologies that there is no room for him and given his breed, his chances of finding a home are slim to none. Without anywhere else to take the dog, they were forced to drop him off at Animal Control where he was given until January 5th for his owner to claim him and then two additional days from there if his owner did not come forward for someone to adopt him before he would be euthanized.

Although avid dog lovers, George and Lorena are unable to care for the dog themselves. They live in a small townhouse in San Diego with a 14 year old miniature pinscher who does not do well with other dogs. Lorena, a publicist in San Diego , thought to turn to the media as a last ditch effort to save the puppy.

"We've tried everything to save this dog but have, unfortunately, only experienced how these difficult times have so severely impacted abandoned pets in the Central Valley," says Lorena. "No one has been willing or able to help which is scary given the effort we've put into finding a positive solution for this puppy."

The dog is a white male pit bull mix between 8-12 months old. He is about 35 lbs and is extremely friendly, smart and relatively low maintenance for a puppy. He appears to possibly have hearing problem as he reacts only to certain sounds like clapping but does not seem to hear low voices. Because of the stigma associated with the pit bull breed, Lorena and George were hesitant when they first tried to lure the dog to them. However, after watching him immediately fall to the ground and begin rolling around on his back and belly at the first patch of green grass he encountered, they realized that the dog was just a playful friendly puppy.

George and Lorena call the puppy " Taylor " after the road he was found next to and are desperately looking for a way to save his life before he is euthanized on January 7th. They are calling on any help from the media and/or Valley organizations to help generate awareness for this sweet and loving puppy's urgent situation. Please contact Lorena Whiteside Nelson at 619-572-8564 or for more information about " Taylor ", to schedule an interview or to highlight the dog in any way. Lorena and George will be in the Central Valley until January 3rd.

***Update as of 12/30/09 at 4:03 PM PST***

Despite the story about Taylor, a pit bull mix rescued in Turlock just two days after Christmas by a Southern California couple who are now desperate to find a home for him before he is euthanized, being one of the most read stories on yesterday, featured in an article in today's Modesto Bee, and mentioned on the morning radio show for Sunny 102.3, there have been no inquiries to Turlock Animal Control at this time regarding the puppy. Turlock Animal Control is now indicating that they will likely euthanize Taylor on 1/6/10 if no one comes forward to claim or adopt him. Any additional awareness you can help us generate for this poor puppy in dire need of an immediate home / foster situation, would be greatly appreciated.

"We will continue to exhaust every possible option for this poor dog," says Lorena Whiteside Nelson who rescued Taylor and is a publicist in Southern California . "I am amazed that despite our community and media outreach and the media exposure we have received so far, that there have been no inquiries for Taylor . I am hopeful that this story will get out to even more of the public and we can find a home for him before it's too late. Although this is just one dog needing a home among many in the Valley, it will be a sad start to the new year and paint a truly depressing outlook for homeless pets in the area if despite all of these efforts, he still dies."

For more information, please contact Lorena Whiteside Nelson at (619) 572-8564 or


Thanks again,

Lorena Whiteside
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