Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trapped Tuesday

Muddy II

I love my house. But, I do not like my basement. It's cold. It's damp. It's a really nice basement. I'm just being whiny. Anyway, did some laundry down there today. Look who I found. At first I thought it (hoped) it was a toy from my son's collection. But, no. Of course not. Should have known better, considering the frog load's of friends we made this past summer. It's real all right. It's alive. It's breathing. WHO knows what it's thinking. Poor thing. But, we now have a new pet in my home. Well, at least till spring.

Thanks a lot Jiminy Cricket. For your "let your conscience be your guide" mantra, I heard MANY MANY times as a small child. Seems as tho the mantra has stuck. We spent about $20 to get "Muddy" some special amphibian dirt/moss/mud substrate stuff. Also a lovely plastic container to keep him happily in & safe from my two nosy dogs, and my two nosy children. Not to mention the worms. Oh dear, please don't mention the worms. We bought a can of DOA worms. No dice. Looks like "muddy" being a wild animal is partial to the moving kind of dinner. UGHHHHHHH! "Hold me." :(

So to the big pet store we go for some wiggling creatures. {Shudder} This isn't just disgusting for me from a vegan point of view. This is gross on the level of gross pets NOT to ever have. Something I'd never planned on having. Oh and did I happen to mention that "Muddy" when spooked or scared can shoot a toxic substance from his yellow spots just behind his eyes? Yes. Yes, he can. Spring had better come soon.

Like now. Now would be good. Because after this affair, a Poisonous Frog or Tarantula will be nothing. "BRING IT ON!"

XOXO --Heather ;)
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