Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vegan Conversations..

Backstory: My son, Liam is also a Vegan. He's in Kindergarten. He goes to public school. His teacher tells us when there is a Birthday Party and non-Vegan cupcakes headed into the classroom. Pre-warned is fore-armed.. or something. ??

Kids Annual Autumn Photo 2009

Me: So Liam, there's a Birthday Party in your school tomorrow. One of the boys is bringing in cupcakes as a snack for everyone. But, he's not Vegan. So the cupcakes won't be Vegan.

Liam. OK. What can I have for a snack then?

Me: How about I make some pudding for you, since you just had cupcakes over the weekend?

Liam: Ohhh I love pudding. Yeah and can I have some sprinkles on it too?

Me: Sure, why not? Sounds like fun. So you won't be upset the other kids are having cupcakes and you aren't?

Liam: No, I have chocolate pudding with sprinkles! YUM! My FAV!

Me: Ok sounds good to me. You can help me make some cupcakes for us on Friday night for your dessert after Pizza night, ok?

Liam: YEAHHHHHH!! Awesome!! That will be fun! Jumps up & down & runs off to play with his brother.

The conversation went something like this. He seems fine for being "different" in a world er town of meat eaters. He doesn't mind, at all. He has seen meat. I show him it in the stores. I explain the animal is dead. We often go see live animals too. He likes them alive better. I explain that the "juices" in the plastic wrapping covering the meat is blood. That blood is the life force that flows in all of us. That taking the animal's life hurts the animal. Most often times the animals feel pain when being killed. Actually, I don't know of any meat processing plants that give the animals pain meds prior to the killing. I do tread lightly in this area.
I don't dicuss all the details about Veganism & why all the time. Just a few things they ask. A little here and there. Just tiny details and will embellish with more details, as time goes on & they get older. But, for right now my kids are Vegan. They are happy. They are extremely healthy, energetic smart kids. We have gotten O illnesses since going Vegan. (sniffles & then 2 days.. cold is gone.)

That is enough for me. For now. Cupcakes & being different are the least of my worries. XOXO Heather :)
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