Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BEEF..... it's what's for.. ahh.. u know..

Teriyaki Beef it's what's for dinner..

Kinda can't use that slogan, as this is NOT beef. Plus, that line is kinda copyrighted. It never mooed a day in it's life, and that's good. Damn good. AND OMG it's sooooooooooo sooooooo sooooooo tasty! This is what my kids get every single time we go to the city & eat at the Buddha Hut. "Vegan meat on a stick" is what they call it. We decided to buy some of the "meat" to take home. it's a very interesting species. It's so light, dry and airy. I believe made of rice. It's vegan & Gluten free. It's very dry, which means you have to add a ton of water & let it sit for 30-40 minutes. Then you drain it & add the marinade for another 30 minutes before cooking. This is my kinda food item to add as a "side dish" to the other healthful faire my kids love eating. Here veggies are the mainstay, not the other stuff.

Anyway a pound of this stuff (which is a HUGE amount) will run you $8. I'm storing it in a container for rice. I can take this stuff camping for cripes sakes & never worry about spoiling.. or nuthing. Oh & it takes on the taste of whatever dressing you marinate it in. I used teriyaki in this instance, hence the sesame seeds in the photo. Next time I might try Italian Dressing. Stuff is amazing! Tastes sooo good & is so soft, the texture is great too.

Meat eaters won't even know the difference!!

--Heather :)
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