Monday, February 15, 2010

Teach Your Kids Well.

I know someone who was raised vegetarian, knows it's better and eats some fish upon occasion. But, she's mostly veg, well read, educated.. knows the deal.. etc.. about the world ending & all that jazz. That the world's fish populations are being over-fished etc some to extinction, even. I know others who catch & eat fish all the time. I believe 90% of their meat is fish, and wild caught.

This is an interesting viewpoint, eating humanely raised meat, but it still doesn't work for me. Sounds like someone throwing her weight around & making her hubby eat something, he's not comfortable doing. I caved to my husband's meat eating will for a number of my married without children years. Forcing folks only leads to trouble.

Bottom line it's still a dead animal flesh that we don't need to ingest. (Our livers create ALL the cholesterol, we ever need in our bodies all on their own, all by themselves, without any added meat. Hence the cholesterol issues & heart attacks in people on a daily basis.) It's still a needless animal death. It's still putting more methane etc. into the atmosphere. I don't care who is raising it. It poops doesn't it? What next ethical milk production? IE: Cows who get to keep their baby cows & bottle feed them? JK!

I've read recently that we like the foods we like.. since our mom's ate them while we were in utero a study was done to prove this. So if you eat kale, your kids will eat kale. I have a two bite rule here now after that reading & my kids have to eat something green every day. If we serve a new food they have to try at least 2 bites of it. I explained cancer to my kids in a very simple way. They already knew about death. (We had a cat pass away three years ago now, I think. They knew her for a very short time. As she was my cat from a long time ago. They still miss her & talk about her to this day.)I told them; Cancer is a wasting disease. It's tiny germ that grows inside your body. Green veggies are like a *Super Ninja Kick* to the cancer, and it kills it off & keeps it gone. "Eat yer spinach already, kids!"

Heather, Rory & Liam

All that being said Meatless Mondays, if folks do that much for us. Because it is for all of us. It's trying to keep us here, as a species on this planet. Meatless Mondays are fine by me. It's all we can really hope for. Taking about 50% of the needless gases out of the air, will be better for all of us, including the earth. Folks don't think about the Earth and it's needs, not hardly ever. They think it's a dead thing for them to claim. However it's a living, breathing organism that needs us to care about it. We need it. It doesn't need us. Not nearly as much as we need it, that's for sure.

I'm much happier, healthier, thinner, and happier.. did I mention happier? Thinner doesn't even rate in my opinion. Happier is higher on the list. Without the meat. I haven't had a moody, suicidal thought since going vegan. I don't miss it at all. When my hubby tasted faux chix burgers for the first time.... he and I were like.. Why didn't we try them earlier? How did we miss them in the shops?? I just don't know how we didn't see them. Even just to try them & keep eating some meat productsoriginally. Especially considering how awful the real ones are in comparison.. cholesterol, fat, grease.. etc. Boggles my mind.

I do think to some extent we Vegetarians and Vegans are not doing our jobs right. We need to teach, explain and show our children why we are vegetarian a little bit more. I know it's delicate topic what kids can understand and what will keep them awake at night. I tell my kids the truth, as much as I know they can handle. I don't scare them though. Just show them what meat really is. I think if more folks saw open-air markets and what meat really is... more folks would see the Vegan light, far earlier in life.

--Heather :)
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