Sunday, March 14, 2010

If You Wanna Wash Clothes...

Ya gotta make the soap. Well, at least in this house we do. Allergies, environmental and breathing reasons require it. Plus I also like NOT having to have the septic pumped ALL the time. Did you know that regular TIDE and Bleach products throw off the organisms in the septic tank? Every single bleach load kills off the good bacteria and make the septic system have to start all over again..... The more loads, the more likely you will have to sump tha pump much sooner. Those in the cities or attached to sewer, please breathe a collective {SIGH} of relief.

Making Soap

Now, I'm not big on recipes per se. Mostly cause I can never find the measuring spoons. ;) So use this following 'recipe' as a guideline to go by.

I use a 53 ounce or 1.5 Liter plastic tupperware type container. Plastic, wide lid with a cover. Into it I pour Borax till it fills up 1/4 of the container. Next I take one half of a large bar of Krugsecologic soap. Or one whole bar of Karramandi's soap. When I'm out of their fabulous soap, I use Tom's Of Maine, in Lavender. I grate the soap into the container till it's all shredded or a fine powder. After this I fill the container up to the top with Arm and Hammer Baking Soda. Last step take a spoon and stir all three ingredients together, and put the lid on the container and move on to my next chore. The LAUNDRY!

Making Soap closeup

Seen in the photo is a white demitasse cup, this is my "measuring" spoon. I use one demitasse per load. HUBBY'S clothes get a cuppa and a half if he's been working outside a lot or had to climb into no man's land AKA manholes. If whitener is needed or stronger stain remover use one cup of vinegar, or lemon juice to the load. Lemon juice is cheap, you can find it in stores, for about $2. IIRC my Dollar store even has it. This is soo wonderful for getting stains out & whitening white pants.

Enjoy, Heather :)
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