Sunday, March 14, 2010


PIE! Yes PIE! Why pie? Because it's Pi day, of course! Incidentially, it's also Albert Einstein's Birthday! Happy Birthday Al!

Happy Pi Day!  Happy Birthday Einstein!

I took this recipe here, and changed it up some. For one I put it into a ROUND pan. HEY it's Pi day after all! For the crust I used coconut flour & rice flour, with flax seeds. I used the Earth Balance "butter" baking bars, a little sugar, a little vanilla and then followed the directions of pressing it into a pan (silicone) and baking it for about 12 minutes. Then letting it cool and then pouring the tofu/citrus juice pudding mix over the top & baking it for another 30 minutes or until the pudding is set. Instead of Key limes I used one orange, one lemon and several regular sized limes for the juice. I squeezed them by hand & got about a cup of juice this I added to the tofu. I couldn't find Silken tofu, so regular tofu was used, and the blender just processed it a touch longer, till it was smooth. Maybe 5-6 minutes total blending time. Sugar.. I used some fair trade sugar cane and a little sugar water I had made with it. Even after all of the sweetener, I still found the citrus to be quite tangy. NEVER fear Organic Powdered Sugar to the rescue! I just dusted a bit extra onto each slice of the Pi. Er, I mean Pie. ;)

It was Delicious! I did add the lime zest in for colouring & a little bit of green food colouring as well.

Sooo yummoooo! XOXO Heather :)
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