Monday, March 29, 2010

Otter Love....

This is Slidel, a favourite of ours @The He has the coolest habitat. He has many holes to climb in and around on, a big tank for swimming, and a little pond too. He also has a waterfall and I've seen him go under it once or twice. He's a groovy lil' fella. He also knows his "name" or at least he knows when it's used to come out for his dinner. :) He's a wonderful little animal to watch play. So cute, but he was lonely.

Slidel the Otter crop (wm)

This is Ariel. Late last year, they adopted a new friend for, Slidel. She was named Ariel by a local friend. I didn't win the competition. I came up with Sookie for a name. Gilmore Girls' fans will know what I mean. At first she and he fought each other, but now they are the best of friends. She follows him whenever he hears his name. So I was able to get to see them. Sometimes they hide in their burrows. I would sadly leave with my kids. Til one day I called him, and they both came out & gave us quite a show.

Slidel's new love interest, Ariel..

We love going to see them. They are so much fun. I sell a photo of Slidel in my 3 Am Art Productions shop over on Etsy. But, I'm not 10000% sure I really like this one of Ariel when it's printed. Looks like an excuse to go visit them again is looming.

Thanks for looking! XOXO Heather :)
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