Sunday, March 28, 2010


Boy & Snake..

I see you. You see me. We both have a case of curiosity.


The Rat snake is almost albino. Which means in nature, it wouldn't last very long, since it's hiding abilities would be null and void. So it lives here with another rat snake, at the in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Rat snake

Snakes petrify me, but my son seems to love them. Especially after having 30 minutes viewing this guy. Both sons actually. They enjoyed watching this snake drink, and slither all over it's tank, and then it stuck it's tongue out at them. Hoots and hollers, and fits of giggles followed. Since there was a 2 inch piece of glass betweeen us, the snake couldn't smell us, so he came in for a closer looksee. A little too close for my comfort, but the glass held. ;) Afterwards I told the boys they could pick something out at the gift shop. I was thinking some of the shiny, sparkly rocks they sell there.

SNAKES.. were on the brain of course. So I was robbed. (Kidding, of course.)

Snake Boys!

So snakes are on the agenda now, to learn & view anything, and everything about. Lots of fun. Thank goodness for TONS Of snake photos there. Amazing snake photos. We've been quite busy looking & learning all about them. So much fun!

Don't let a moment go by. Take every chance you can, to show your children nature, learning and make it fun. Even if the subject isn't your favorite, make it so. Any chance we as parents have to make the world a better place.. USE IT! Kids love learning and want to know it all. SO tell them & show them, and give them the best information you can find. You won't get another chance. NOW is the time!

XOXO --Heather :)
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