Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taking a Facebreak

Those of you who do not know me in person, might not know that I'm a writer. IN addition to the etsy stuff, Mom stuff, Dog stuff, crafting stuff, arting stuff, photography stuff, that I do. I also write short stories at the current time, and am hoping to move towards the longer novel stuff in the future. Hopefully, sooner, rather than later. Seeing as how I have no patience at all, when it comes to this sort of thing. I want it done and done, NOW! ;) I've been working on the same topic for a blessed number of years. I think it's time to get it put together, manuscripted to coin a word, so I can work on some other things that I like even more, than this particular story. So I thought taking a Facebook break was a good idea last night. To focus my attention & time on the internet soley to my writing. My important, must do, has to be finished this year, or else writing.

By the morning's light, I have come to the gross realization that I now no longer have access to my 3 Am Art Productions page, also on Facebook.

Ya know what? It's not as if Facebook takes all that much time away from my writing. It just vacuums the ideas right out of my head, that I come up with on my own. I see all kinds of folks and I get lots more ideas seeing their pages. Not a bad thing altogether. Just don't have the paper, pens, typing ability to get ALL the ideas I come up with, onto paper or into the computer fast enough. Wish it would slow down just a smidgeon.

I love Facebook. I like my friends there, and the friends I've made there, especially the artists, and crafters and vegfolks.

Actually, I think it's searching & looking through that wastes most of my time. Mostly looking at knitting items. Oh who am I kidding? I look at everything on it's an addiction! SHHHHHHHH!!

--Heather :)
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