Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well That Was a Short Break..


Just a post about my Homework that I'm doing. I missed class last night. THANKS to my KIDDO for getting an ear infection. ;) Eh well.. this is the "class work" I missed. Now, I'm doing it at home. Feels just like I never left College.

Write an 8-20-sentence description of person you are seeing for the first time. Pure description and thoughts. No dialogue. You are:
§ a student in a class
§ a patient at a doctor’s office
§ a person waiting to be interviewed for a job
§ about to meet a person you arranged a date with via computer matching
§ in church, seeing the new pastor for the first time

Write 8-20 lines of dialogue between two people on a train, plane, bus, subway car, ferry, or in a car that tells about who these people are. Make sure we know what kind of transportation they are on, but do not use the words “train”, “plane”, “bus”, “subway”, “ferry”, or “car”. Reveal:

§ their names
§ where they are from and where they are going (or where you think they are from and where they are going)

Sounds like fun, can't wait! Just wish I didn't have a dizzy head swimming all around the place, and could concentrate on this..

---Heather :)
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