Sunday, April 4, 2010

Freedom Sunday!

Late last night, I went down to do some laundry in the basement. My husband followed me to help out & picked up one of the kid's toys off the floor. Lo and behold there was a Salamander on the floor. Deja vu anyone? It's not Deja vu, this really happened to me once before. So now I've got two Salamanders on the counter in a bug container. Since the warm weather is now here, we decided it was defenitely time to move these fellas along to their natural environment.

Muddy & Lightning

You might recall the first Salamander as being called Muddy. The second one my son named him Lightning, and it's a very apt name. Considering the second we got him out of his confinement chamber he booked it to the shade and was gone well before we could say goodbye. He did not like being in a container on a counter, at all. He was not having it. I'm guessing the first Salamander, Muddy must have been a older, calmer guy then. Lightning was chomping at the bit to get his freedom the second he moved in.

Lightning, the Salamander

In the forest where we dropped these guys off to live. We came across about 30 painted Turtles swimming, hanging on logs and generally just having all kinds of turtle fun. Incredible sighting. I'm still working on editing up some of the photos, and will post some more later. There is nothing so rewarding as seeing 30 painted turtles just doing their own thing. It must be amazing being them. Wonder if they pay taxes. ;)

Turtle Heaven

I imagine Muddy & Lightning aren't singing this song, but, I will do it on their behalf. Twist my arm.

Have a wonderful life, Muddy & Lightning. You will be missed. We enjoyed learning all about you & your family. Of course, I lasted about 3 days, and I found a new counter pal. His name is Brewster. My etsyveg pals gave me the idea. They came up with various forms of Bruise or Bruiser for his name, since he's blue & purple. Brewster is also a town on the Cape too. It's where we go in the summers.

Brewster The Fish

Now, all we have to do is patch the hole in the basement where the Salamanders were getting in. We shouldn't have anymore wintertime visitors. Kinda sad actually. :(

Brewster the fish

XOXO --Heather :)
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