Friday, April 2, 2010

Tell Me Lies Tell Me Sweet Little Lies..

Little Lies Tell Me Sweet Little Lies..

Overheard a man explaining the fanning ritual, to his children, that the male peacock was doing to the female peafowl, as just showing off his feathers and some other stuff I won't repeat since it was hogwash. Actually,I'm not sure he realized the more colourful bird as being the MALE. He was clearly embarassed to have to talk about this subject with his kids. He was trying to get them to leave the area, but the birds' feathers are soo pretty one kid told him.

OK Dude. Sure. WHAT ? Ok, I'm not one to explain the birds & bees to my kids at the Pre-k age, but I can come up with a WAY better explanation that is the truth & scientific and doesn't LIE outright to my kids. So that later on down the line.. they learn the truth & the truth about Santa, the Easter Bunny, the World around them.. and start looking at you funny, for the weird "truths" you've told them over the years.

Maybe, it's just me. I told my Pediatrician bold face that he would have to explain "female troubles" to me, since my Mother might not be able to fully explain it to me. He explained. I was totally and completely fine with him telling me. HE was embarassed, as I do think my Mom might have been also.

FOLKS, if you're gonna have kids. Your gonna have to do some explaining at some point. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. We need to arm them with knowledge, because it's also key for safety! You know staying safe. OK, moving on.

The MALE Peacock is the more colourful bird, so he can get the female's attention.

The Male is fanning his feathers to get her attention, so they can be friends. Also true.

He is also colourful for a reason. A Number one: TO protect the females & the eggs, and ultimately the babies (IE: the reason men & women tolerate each other even for a second, the babies, IE: survival of the species.) from other male Peacocks, or foxes, coyotes etc.. who would try to harm aka eat the eggs or babies.

My husband chirped in with "he's showboating" after I mentioned the peacock was showing off a little bit.

The other father and his kids left after that. Was hubby rude? He didn't say anything about the birds & the bees.

Define showboating for me Urban Dictionary: Adding unnecessary style flourishes to skilled activities, often beyond ones skill level, increasing the risk, and usually used to taunt or impress others.

Use it in a sentence:
That skateboarder was showboating to impress that girl when he broke his ankle.

True that. The Peacock was showboating his feathers to impress the peafowl. Maybe we used the definition & stretched it for our own usage, but it wasn't sexual or rude. It was fact. He's showboating. Not like we said he was ahem, nevermind.. google won't like me using that word here.

Later on in the confines of the car, I explained to my boys that you need both a male & a female to have babies, any babies. Unless you are a snail & some bugs too maybe. My kids were fine with it. No one giggled or thought this subject funny. Maybe I'm too bookish/science geek/nerd/literal. Whatever. I got free public eduMation and I use it very really well. HAH!

Think people need to put a little more truth in their "stories" to children. COME ON. Cinderella doesn't exist folks. The world is GRITTY & tough, and the kids need a primer for it, otherwise we will continue to 'Wait for our Prince' to come. Seriously. I'm still waiting. Where are youuuuuu? Lemme know, I'll drop the hair down. I've got a big long list of wants. Starting with a Yacht. ;) JK..

---Heather :)
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