Friday, April 30, 2010

Why Do I Care About the Plight of Animals?

Cause I look deeply into their eyes. I really look at them. I can commiserate with their condition. I can see similarities, between them and myself. I have things in common with this Peacock. Yes I do. For a simple example: He wears blue. I love the colour blue. Why does he need to be caged? If you feed this animal, it's going to stick around. Why can't they *and yes there are about 6 of these in this one, tiny spot* have more room in a less confining area?

Cages stink. I don't cage my dog's anymore after we learned "where to potty" we put them away. I just don't like cages.. and I don't see the need. I have wild turkeys who roam in the area where I live. I'd be honored if and when they stop by my yard to eat the grass & moss on my front lawn. We've had Deer come over for a apple or two and I was quite pleased just to hear that they happened by. We need to LOVE the animals who live amongst us more & stop caging and getting rid of them. They belong here too. They were born on this planet, so how can they be considered a nuisance?
How do people who hate or kill animals live with themselves? Don't they see? Animals are alive too & belong here.

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Thanks for looking. --Heather
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