Friday, April 2, 2010

Worcester .. how do I love thee?

Very Good Friends of Ours..

Back in the day we lived in Worcester. Off of Lancaster Street. That's pronounced: Lancastah Street. ;) Anyway, we had a fire in 99'. Roof fire. Electrical storm. These folks were on the scene in a flash. I still have many of my items thanks to these wonderful folks. My cat & computer (in that order) were fine, thanks to them. Not to mention some really fugly furniture that could have gone up in smoke, but the cat was important. so they had to put the fire out. Otherwise.. I was going to suggest Fire training on the building. I gave them my permission even. Funny there were no takers. ;)

I've lived in Worcester in many many areas over the years, some of them even considered to be swanky. Stubborn as I am, I moved away and lived with my BF, now hubby in a slightly less than desireable neighborhood'. Nah, it was a great neighborhood. One of the best places I ever lived. I had some awesome neighbors, real people, who scrimped and saved and worked & toiled to make a buck. It was a awesome experience. Our rent was amazingly low. $375 per month. Someday I will write all about it.. it was incredible inner city experience. I'll never forget it. I have long forgiven the person who tried to break into our camaro & steal it. Besides he got his. Beer bottle to the head. Hurts eh? Easy pickings at the hospital for the police too. Heh. Not sure how they figured it out. Wasn't me that called. I don't know anyone who works for the Worcester PD either.

Lil fiction in there. You find it. :)

Anyway, I'm rather fond of the City no matter what traffic snarls it throws at me. Or the really extreme ride my husband has daily. This is why I still love Worcester. The Fire Dept & my friends on the Police Dept. You guys don't get enough credit. I appreciate all you do. XOXO --Heather :)
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